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Eid in Kashmir

The restive Kashmir valley celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr on Sunday with sobriety due to continued lockdown. The crescent for the month of Shawal was not sighted in the rest of India which observed Eid on Monday May 25 instead, yet the people of Kashmir celebrated Eid with Pakistan in a clear rebuke to India.
The atmosphere on Eid in the occupied region was much different as there is a double lockdown; one since India unilaterally revoked the autonomous status and imposed a communication blockade last August, and another to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus which has affected the region. No congregation Eid prayers were offered as people were forced to stay indoors while the streets and markets in major towns lacked the usual festivities.
India forces have unleashed a reign of terror and committed untold atrocities in Kashmir but have been unable to dampen the spirits and sacrifices of the brave Kashmiri people. The Ruet-e-Hilal Committee in Pakistan made a late-night announcement that Eid will be celebrated on Sunday. This was heard all the way in Srinagar where loudspeakers blared announcements declaring Eid on the same day.
The people of Kashmir have not heeded the official announcement from New Delhi that Eid will be celebrated on Monday. This is a clear message that the people of Kashmir are undeterred in the face of Kashmiri atrocities. The demonization of Muslims continues in the rest of India such to such an extent that even Middle East states are taking notice of the rising Islamophobia and the racist Hindutva policies of the RSS-inspired Indian government.
COAS General Bajwa spent Eid with frontline soldiers on the Line of Control. He said the army is observing Eid in solidarity with Kashmiris under Indian occupation, inhumane lockdown and ensuing atrocities. He warned that any attempt to change the status of Kashmir, including any political or military aggression, will be answered with full military might.  
The army chief warned that disturbing the ‘strategic stability matrix’ in South Asia can lead to dire consequences. He added that India is trying to shift the global attention away from the worsening humanitarian crisis and violence in Kashmir and the international community must take notice.
India is certainly not in a position for a confrontation as it is facing another standoff against China in Laddakh region. India needs to ease the situation in Kashmir as it cannot handle a full-blown crisis on multiple fronts. It needs to end the clampdown and resolve that Kashmir dispute to ensure peace in the region.  
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