Nadeem Moulvi

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

Reasons behind increasing inflation

Everyone is worried because of inflation worldwide and saying that inflation should be low, but as individuals, we are not ready to give up on our profit margins. We only wish to see inflation decreasing for ourselves, not for others. 

Greatness, education and ideas

Poverty will not end in the world until wealth reaches to the poor by passing through the hands of riches. Be it Pakistan or any other country in the world, the riches try to keep the wealth limited to them,

Who is Pakistan’s enemy?

People who speak bad about Pakistan and the country’s government never get tired of saying that the economy of Pakistan is destroyed because the stock market reflects the economy. This argument is given by those people who do not know

Army, politicians and masses

Whenever Pakistan made progress, enemies of the country tried to ignite an infighting in the nation. Our enemies used our own people to cause massive damage to the country’s economy. Our political leaders always used slogans and fake promises to

Enemies of the State

The enemies of the State are once again playing with the minds of the people in an effort to weaken the country. People have been made to fight each other for decades, leaders have been chosen and replaced, but the

Dharna politics amid failing economy

In a country where poverty is widespread, the rulers shouldn’t even consider doing anything else besides finding ways to reduce it. Pakistan had made considerable progress from the 1960s to the 1970s, and the dams that were constructed during this

Desperation of poor and the country’s conditions

The financial condition of Pakistan and its people has not changed till date because we have never done any economic planning and never thought about our future because we are a nation living in the present who neither learn from

Economy sacrificed for political gains 

For a few years, we have been seeing the leaders telling the people that “we are honest while others are thieves, others have burdened the country with debts, while we will get you out of these debts and will end

PSO, TCP, Police and Inflation

Poverty, law and order, floods, Dengue, food prices, and rapidly rising electricity and petroleum prices are among some of the major issues of Pakistan. Yet, Pakistanis still live and hope that things will turn for the better. But the question

Causes of country’s disaster

An economist is a person who takes into account the needs and comforts of a man with limited resources and makes a plan that can provide all facilities to that person, institution, or country within the same resources as any

The poor suffer amid politicians’ wrangling

One wonders whether Pakistani politicians think about their politics or the people, wish to eliminate poverty or the poor, want to build the country’s assets or destroy them, embrace ways to make the rich poor, and send the poor to

Inflation, masses and hypocrite politicians

Hardly any nation in the world, despite its vast reserves of natural resources and human potential, has suffered as much hatred, nepotism and dishonesty as the Pakistani nation, while politicians are the ones who are in power and decide the

Fraud of power houses and increasing inflation

Every government has befriended the power plants to break the backs of Pakistanis and the power plants have been showing kindness to the governments and the people by saying that we are giving you loans. This has always been the

A case for the people

Pakistan’s economy is in dire straits. The question is, are politicians or the people responsible for the economic collapse. Inflation has been on the rise in every era but no one is bothered to find a reason and has made

Rising inflation in Pakistan

Rising inflation is a thing that Pakistan has always been developing in. In the last 70 years, inflation in the country has been increasing day by day. Today in the country, whoever you ask, cries that inflation has broken his

Constructive criticism

PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his former ministers are currently engaged in criticism just for the sake of criticism. It would be better to indulge in constructive criticism for reforms and the betterment of our society. A patriotic Pakistani will

Where our economy stands

Now that Imran Khan’s government has been ousted, we can conclude that it has been a complete failure on the economic front. While the entire attention has been diverted to the political crisis, we have been distracted from the economic

Problems of indebted nation

In the past, people feared that if war beings between two countries, there would be a famine, food would be expensive and life would become difficult. But nowadays, we are witnessing conditions like famine, hunger, unemployment and misery even there

Going back to IMF

Our newly-appointed Finance Minister Miftah Ismail is currently in Washington D.C. pleading with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to revive the $6 billion economic assistance package for Pakistan. The global financial institution has called for tough economic decisions before the

Economic crisis

With the entire country in the grip of political chaos, Pakistan is headed towards a formidable economic crisis that would be difficult for the next administration to handle. New data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is not encouraging. It

A good customer

Everybody wants to do business but some get success. The biggest mistake one can make is to be afraid of failure. Failure is the key to one success, and jumping into fear is very positive for one’s future business. How you

Inflation-hit nation awaits for a saviour

The journey of inflation started in 2018 and as soon as we saw it reached its peak in 2022 after which every Pakistani is complaining that things have become very expensive, even now due to inflation, the process of burial

Patriotism and economy

Pakistan’s economy is always dependent on others because we do not take advantage of circumstances. Pakistan’s economy has always suffered due to lack of planning. It is always said that Pakistan is going through a difficult time but the situation

Pakistan’s economic problems

Pakistan’s economic situation is deteriorating with each passing day. Inflation has risen so much that it is beyond the comprehension of the common man. Neither analysts, nor the opposition, nor anyone else seems to offer solutions to public problems.  

Humanity first

Are economic growth or human development two different things? We have been hearing for years that the economy is growing and exports are increasing but what we are exporting is not available in the local market. And even if it

Ruined economy

Problems in Pakistan are mentioned but not solved, the fact is that inflation is a global problem at the moment. It is a fact that inflation is a global problem at the moment but it is a common practice in

The PSX story

The Pakistan Stock Market (PSX) was at its peak in 2017. In that year, its benchmark index crossed 52,000-point barrier. However, today’s share – which is at its peak – could not reach the place in 2017 where it is

India, Pakistan inflation

Pakistan and India are suffering from massive inflation these days. The governments of both countries are blaming global high prices and supply chains for the crisis. The bitter reality is that inflation and surging prices are only affecting the poor

Rising prices and economy

The inflation rate has risen to alarming levels and every segment of society has decried the rising prices of essential items. The surging food and energy prices have brought the government under immense pressure in recent months as household bills

Why are people panicking?

People in Pakistan want immediate results and always combine the current news with the future, despite the fact that the future is determined by the past and the present. But what is the reason for the current situation, people do