Nadeem Moulvi

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

Budget hopes and fears

The development of a country does not only require good performance by the government but also the cooperation of the people. In our country, the policymakers have always different from those who run the state of affairs. As a result,

People-friendly budget

A common saying goes ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. Whether it’s our household expenses or the federal budget, we do not realize the importance of planning. We are tied to our archaic traditions and only lament on our

Budgetary allocations

The budget for the Fiscal year 2021-22 will be tabled on June 11. It will be the biggest test for the new Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, who has already started preparations for the budget to bring out-of-the-box solutions this year

Housing crisis and recession

The 2008 global financial crisis was a severe economic crisis worldwide. Before the current COVID-19 induced recession, it was considered the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. There were a wide range of reasons including excessive risk-taking by

Will Tarin succeed?

The underlying question on everyone’s mind remains: Will Shaukat Tarin succeed? The prime minister brought a new finance minister – his fourth since the government was formed – and seems to hold him in high regard. Will Tarin succeed in

Circular debt worries

The spiralling circular debt has become a headache for PTI-led federal government and is a ticking time bomb that can explode any time, destroying the already disturbed economic growth cycle. As of January 2021, the total circular debt of Pakistan

Yellow cab and housing scheme

We all remember the yellow cab scheme launched by Nawaz Sharif in 1992 to provide employment. The former prime minister still boasts how he provided jobs to unemployed youth. The scheme failed badly. Now Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched

Predatory health sector

Of the innumerable problems facing Pakistan, the provision of healthcare is probably of the most serious one. The right to healthcare is the fundamental human right of every person, but unfortunately, only the rich have access to quality healthcare facilities

Imported economists

The problem is that Pakistan has always imported economists. These gentlemen have worked in global financial institutions, commercial banks, investment funds and corporations. They are then appointed as advisers, special assistants and ministers. We have always developed political economists who

Institutional autonomy

There are has intense debate on the bill granting unprecedented autonomy to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) with a view to regulate monetary policy and control inflation in the interest of the country. These measures are said to according

Remedies for sinking economy

The incumbent PTI government seems to have no satisfactory social, political and economic policies that lead the country towards durable stability. Regressive policies, too much debt and a failure to collect tax have hampered Pakistan’s growth prospects. Consequently, the outcomes

Political instability and economy

Pakistan is witnessing a prolonged period of political instability and the adverse consequences for the economy are quite visible. The present government has also failed economically and continues to lurch from one crisis to another. The IMF, in a study

Economic indicators and PTI govt

Economic indicators reflect the economic situation but they cannot predict what the PTI government is doing to change the lives of people. This is the fallacy of the incumbent government which claims it is improving the economy but the figures

Buy local, stop global

If we have to develop our country for our future generations, we need to change our habits and attitudes. Consumerism has crept into our society and we have adopted a foreign culture. We have become brand conscious and buying products

The economic worries

Pakistan’s foreign debt and liabilities have been increasing rapidly over the last several years. The government is forced to borrow heavily from external sources — including multilateral and bilateral creditors, and commercial lenders — in order to meet its foreign

Economy and IMF agreements

Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finally reached an agreement to revive the $6 billion programme which was suspended in April last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and policy disagreements. The global financial institution reached a staff-level agreement

Rising cost of living

An increase in electricity prices has a direct effect on the cost of living. A major chunk of our income goes to major household expenses and paying electricity bills. This rise in power tariffs also increases the cost of production

Economic recovery

The PTI government is developing the economy while removing the obstacles created by the opposition either by political rallies or spreading fear that the nation is not on the right track. I am stunned by the sheer ignorance of the

Patriotism and Development

Patriotism is important for the development of a country. It is the hallmark of a developed nation that its citizens are patriotic, law-abiding citizens. They are proud of their county and try to make a better place by educating and

Neglecting agriculture sector

The government is planning to import around 2.6 million tonnes wheat, 300,000 tonnes sugar and may even need to buy more cotton than last year’s 3.2 million bales. Wheat and cotton production fell short of the government’s target as farmers

CPEC – where East meets West

Politicians should realize that any anti-state agenda will divide us even further and create hatred among people. They should refrain from lashing out the esteemed armed forces who have rendered immense sacrifices and are held in high regard by the

Unwanted negative news

The gang-rape of a young woman on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway has sparked outrage among the people of Pakistan and once again underscored why it is so difficult to contain the scourge of sexual violence in Pakistan. Despite the criticism from

Need for an Economic Model

Pakistan’s economy has always been struggling due to political turmoil. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the pressure on the government for recovering the economy. Pakistan has always failed to formulate an economic model for the long

Stock market’s upward trajectory

Yesterday, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) surpassed the 40,000 barrier for the first time since February this year before the slump caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The total volume of shares crossed 800 million mark only for the fourth time this

Money can’t buy everything

During our lifecycle from birth to death, people often complain about problems and work less to eradicate them. We are in a rat race of life to earn money, gain power and authority. In the meantime, we have forgotten to

Economic greed

The government is trying its best to develop the economy under difficult circumstances as we are facing an economic and health crisis. Yet, there is no end to the insatiable greed of businessmen and industrialists who are only thinking about

Focus on agricultural growth

The reason the economy is important is when a country is unable to pay back its debts (called default in economic terms), the internal economy might be able to function but it will be never difficult to attract foreign investments.

Pandemics and lockdown

On March 24, 1882, German microbiologist Dr Robert Koch announced the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes the dangerous infection that affects your lungs. Kock failed to find a cure and tuberculosis still remains one of the biggest

Need for economic models

Pakistan’s economy has always been under intense pressure since the 1970s. Due to incessant political interference, we were unable to make a long-term economic plan for development. There has always been a short-term plan just to appease a small segment

Coronavirus risk management

There is complete chaos and uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis has exposed our fault lines. The federal government is at loggerheads with the Sindh government ever since a lockdown was imposed. People are unsure whom to support