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Nadeem Moulvi

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

A case for the people

Pakistan’s economy is in dire straits. The question is, are politicians or the people responsible for the economic collapse. Inflation has been on the rise in every era but no one is bothered to find a reason and has made

Rising inflation in Pakistan

Rising inflation is a thing that Pakistan has always been developing in. In the last 70 years, inflation in the country has been increasing day by day. Today in the country, whoever you ask, cries that inflation has broken his

Constructive criticism

PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his former ministers are currently engaged in criticism just for the sake of criticism. It would be better to indulge in constructive criticism for reforms and the betterment of our society. A patriotic Pakistani will

Where our economy stands

Now that Imran Khan’s government has been ousted, we can conclude that it has been a complete failure on the economic front. While the entire attention has been diverted to the political crisis, we have been distracted from the economic

Problems of indebted nation

In the past, people feared that if war beings between two countries, there would be a famine, food would be expensive and life would become difficult. But nowadays, we are witnessing conditions like famine, hunger, unemployment and misery even there

Going back to IMF

Our newly-appointed Finance Minister Miftah Ismail is currently in Washington D.C. pleading with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to revive the $6 billion economic assistance package for Pakistan. The global financial institution has called for tough economic decisions before the

Economic crisis

With the entire country in the grip of political chaos, Pakistan is headed towards a formidable economic crisis that would be difficult for the next administration to handle. New data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is not encouraging. It

A good customer

Everybody wants to do business but some get success. The biggest mistake one can make is to be afraid of failure. Failure is the key to one success, and jumping into fear is very positive for one’s future business. How you

Inflation-hit nation awaits for a saviour

The journey of inflation started in 2018 and as soon as we saw it reached its peak in 2022 after which every Pakistani is complaining that things have become very expensive, even now due to inflation, the process of burial

Patriotism and economy

Pakistan’s economy is always dependent on others because we do not take advantage of circumstances. Pakistan’s economy has always suffered due to lack of planning. It is always said that Pakistan is going through a difficult time but the situation

Pakistan’s economic problems

Pakistan’s economic situation is deteriorating with each passing day. Inflation has risen so much that it is beyond the comprehension of the common man. Neither analysts, nor the opposition, nor anyone else seems to offer solutions to public problems.  

Humanity first

Are economic growth or human development two different things? We have been hearing for years that the economy is growing and exports are increasing but what we are exporting is not available in the local market. And even if it

Ruined economy

Problems in Pakistan are mentioned but not solved, the fact is that inflation is a global problem at the moment. It is a fact that inflation is a global problem at the moment but it is a common practice in

The PSX story

The Pakistan Stock Market (PSX) was at its peak in 2017. In that year, its benchmark index crossed 52,000-point barrier. However, today’s share – which is at its peak – could not reach the place in 2017 where it is

India, Pakistan inflation

Pakistan and India are suffering from massive inflation these days. The governments of both countries are blaming global high prices and supply chains for the crisis. The bitter reality is that inflation and surging prices are only affecting the poor

Rising prices and economy

The inflation rate has risen to alarming levels and every segment of society has decried the rising prices of essential items. The surging food and energy prices have brought the government under immense pressure in recent months as household bills

Why are people panicking?

People in Pakistan want immediate results and always combine the current news with the future, despite the fact that the future is determined by the past and the present. But what is the reason for the current situation, people do

PTI’s failed promises

The PTI government is increasingly looking vulnerable. The last few weeks have savaged its perception in terms of governance. Spiralling inflation has been weakening the government on a daily basis and denting its popularity. The steep hikes in the price

PTI slogans and bitter realities

Whether it is the people or politics, everyone likes flattering people and because of this flattering culture, Pakistan is facing difficulties in development. On the other hand, whoever criticizes the other, but no one likes to look into his own

A concern for state

Unfortunately, our country’s politicians always think only of their own interest and parties, I wish they loved the country and the people before they loved their party! That is why in the last 70 years, the people have only used

Miserable economy

The Pakistani people and government are always in a hurry. In our quest to become leader or rich hurriedly, we make such decisions that always lead to loss or regret. When it comes to politicians, the policies and legislation are

Economic crisis

Policymakers, parliamentarians and affluent classes are least bothered about the looming economic disaster in the country. It is the 220 million Pakistani population that is worried about the imminent crisis — a population that is already bearing the brunt of

How to control inflation?

At present, the whole world is grappling with the problem of inflation, while the prices of essential commodities are increasing due to different problems in each country. Problems around the world are growing because there is a clear gap between

Inflation and PTI govt

Making a new record, the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) increased petroleum prices by up to Rs8.14 per litre with immediate effect to ensure revival of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme. In news that surprised no one, the Pakistan Bureau

Political economy

Nowadays, not only in Pakistan but all over the world, due to the political economy, inflation and poverty are increasing. People, who claim to end poverty, always look out for their own interests, whether it is the International Monetary Fund

Democracy of rich people

The ongoing battle between the opposition and the PTI government has brought to the surface the worst of the prevailing political culture. It illustrates patterns of behavior that should have little to do with the norms and values relevant to

Success of children

In today’s world, people are always worried about which profession to adopt that can change their living conditions, bring prosperity in their lives and provide the luxuries of life for their families. But often most people do not make the

Much needed change

Every political party worker in Pakistan will advocates for its party in such a way that the party has bring an enormous ‘tabdeeli (change)’ to the country. The worker will never listen to the criticism, whether it is ‘constructive’ or

Inflation in Pakistan

Inflation isn’t just a number. Since it affects the way people live, it has an emotional value, too. For people living below the poverty line, inflation is a curse. Inability to cope with an increased cost of living sometimes separates

Need for patriotism to solve problems

We hold the government responsible for every failure in Pakistan, whether it is inflation or black marketing, or investment difficulties. But have we ever thought about what our own responsibilities are as Pakistanis? Our nation has become habitual to blaming