Army, politicians and masses

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

Whenever Pakistan made progress, enemies of the country tried to ignite an infighting in the nation. Our enemies used our own people to cause massive damage to the country’s economy. Our political leaders always used slogans and fake promises to come to power, and pitched the masses against each other to polish their politics. People of Pakistan are very emotional, and therefore these leaders always took undue advantage of the innocence and emotions of the general public for their own interest.

Pakistan always remained safe due to existence of its Army because during all of the tough times, whenever the country or nation faced any problem, our armed forces offered their services. Pakistan’s era of progress, which is also known as the Golden Era, was the period between 1960 and 1970 when Pakistan Army was rendering massive efforts for this country so as to give a boost to the country’s economy, and this is the reason that most of the Dams were built during 1960 and 1970. During this period of 1960-70, Industries were seen growing and country’s economy made progress to such an extent that it drew attention from all over the world.

After 1970, political personalities came to power and the enemies of Pakistan started propaganda in a way to pitch the masses against their armed forces with an aim to weaken this institution. However, their malicious designs couldn’t be fulfilled and Pakistan continued to move on politically. But, whenever any politician tried to improve Pakistan’s economy, foreign countries resorted to create different hurdles. By that time, enemy had grasped the idea firmly that the only way to impede Pakistan’s progress is to trigger infighting.

In the meantime, Shia-Sunni violence was triggered so that people could become hardcore enemy of each other, blood could spill and the country could face instability, and so that no investment could come into the country. Whenever a country is faced with riots and violence, its economy starts ruining. This sectarian violence was halted with the help of our Army, and the Army chanted only one Slogan, i.e., Nara’a-e-Takbeer Allah-u-Akbar. After the end of sectarian strife in the country, our enemies set off violence between Sindhis and Punjabis, as a result of which projects like Kalabagh Dam were halted.

When the differences between Sindhis and Punjabis were removed, another slogan of Mohajir was raised with an aim to disturb peace and stability in Pakistan. These slogans created hatred in the country and one province started behaving with other like some step brother. Enemies, taking advantage of this situation, triggered violence in provinces. People and the business community were disturbed alike, as sometimes there were reports of kidnapping for ransom in and Industrial city of Karachi, sometimes there were bodies packed in sacks, and sometimes there were tokens seeking extortion money.

Then came prejudice in the politics so as to weaken Pakistan. People, greatly disturbed, had pinned their hopes only on the Army so that law and order could improve and people could lead a comfortable life in a city like Karachi and pay attention to their businesses. Finally, it was Army which came to the rescue of people of Sindh, rooted out all of terrorism from the province and make it a piece of haven. Due to these efforts, people from Karachi to Rohri are busy conducing their business activities in peace, and the name of Mohajir Qoumi Movement was replaced with that of Muttahida Qoumi Movement.

After that era, our enemies appeared in the shape of religious extremists, and a series of bombings started in different provinces. Saboteurs had dented peace throughout the country to the extent that even our Mosques were not safe. People were afraid of going to Mosques, because every then and now, bombs were placed at various Mosques which resulted in great human losses. In such circumstances, Pakistan Army again came into action in four provinces and pushed these terrorists out of the country. The border was fenced so as to close chances of entry of any terrorists again in the country.

Then struck the natural disasters when Balakot earthquake took place, which claimed many lives. Pak Army was seen busy in search, rescue and relief operation in that area, extending helping hand to the helpless Pakistanis. Their damaged houses were reconstructed. Not only after earthquake, but Pak Army also came into action in flood hit areas and saved numerous people without even paying any regard to their own life. The enemy was greatly disturbed and was planning its next move, a move that could employ a politician, with aim to mislead people and pitch them against their own institutions.

This campaign went on and the politicians tried to drag the institutions into politics. Army always wanted to stay away from politics but, when politicians started working for their own interests and power, they started defaming the army. Just think and have a look at the history, see who played leading role in the development and progress of Pakistan from 1947 till today. If we come to the streets today, innocent people will made to fight each other, and our enemies may kill one of our politicians so that there could be riots in the country and the economy could also be destroyed.

There is a possibility that the people could be brought into a fight against institutions so as to weaken the country. If you love this country, appreciate the sacrifices and efforts these institutions made, because these are the people who not only kept us safe from enemies, but laid their lives at the borders to protect our country. If politicians want this country to make progress, they should stop criticizing the institutions, and start debating in the assemblies based on their own performance.

Today, the politicians in Pakistan have brought the people to a place where the people are being misled by saying that you should fight for the future of Pakistan, but the future of Pakistan is not getting better with fighting among ourselves. A home is not like where brothers and sisters fight with each other and parents are not respected. Please treat this country is like a home, light the lamp of love in it and work for development while respecting each other.

Today, the politicians in Pakistan have brought the people to such a place where the people are being misled by bringing them into fight for the sake of future of Pakistan. The future of Pakistan can never be better by getting into an infighting. Can a home make progress when there is an infighting in siblings, and where parents enjoy no respect? Absolutely Not! This country is like a home, light the lamp of love in it and work for development with paying respect to each other.

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