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The poor suffer amid politicians’ wrangling

One wonders whether Pakistani politicians think about their politics or the people, wish to eliminate poverty or the poor, want to build the country’s assets or destroy them, embrace ways to make the rich poor, and send the poor to the next world, or sell this country for pennies. No one seems to get it.

Despite this, some still hope one of these politicians might care for people, think about solving their issues. But today, no politician in the country cares about the poor or rich, while inflation making the lives of people miserable across all sections of societies.

Politicians mete out the pain of inflation among all classes more or less equally. For example, people, who use minimum electricity, are obviously in agony but those who toiled hard to get a life of comfort are not as happy either.

if we want to get rid of this inflation, we have to get rid of the IMF as well those people associated with the IMF, people who neither take any responsibility for the country, nor for the poor. This lot compel the rulers to agree to IMF terms, so they could get their money back with interest.

Pakistan’s treasury had only 2 billion dollars in the year 2010, but the people were well-off. The cost of electricity was cheap. Gas was available and a US dollar could be bought for Rs.51 rupees.

Pakistan was busy day and night to make its economy flourish. In 2013 the SBP’s foreign reserves had reached $7billion, but then the enemies of Pakistan started conspiring, the aim was to sell us dreams while wrecking our economy.

The conspirators’ objectives were to entrap Pakistani nation in a debt-trap, and impose conditions that would destroy the economy. Increasing interest rates, electricity prices and taxes, making medicine and education more expensive had been among those conditions.

Apparently, until 2017, our politicians did not realize the country had already been snared in a deb-trap. Other countries sank us in debt to such an extent that it became sort of compulsion for Pakistan to take steps as demanded by the conspirators.

This was the reason that when Imran Khan became the Prime Minister in 2018, he took steps in accordance with the demands of other countries, citing the country’s constraints. That resulted in rupee depreciation as the dollar that was worth 101 rupees in 2013 reached to 150 by 2018.

After increasing the price of electricity by 70% and taking petrol from Rs100 to Rs150, other countries did the rest of the job demanding the incoming Shehbaz Sharif government by asking if you didn’t accept our conditions, this country would be ruined.

It was said that if our conditions are not met, then Sri Lanka-like situation may arise. The fear of this supposed disaster made politicians take leave from their senses and raised the price of petrol to Rs250 per liter. Electricity prices were jacked up by 170% at the time.

But alas, things didn’t stop here, the conspirators had already made up their mind about Pakistan’s bankruptcy. Because in case of default, the country’s assets can be bought at cheap prices. Consequently, he began an era of ‘dollar stay’ that he established in 2019 during the PTI regime by enacting such laws that there was no monopoly or dominance of any kind of government on the buying and selling of dollars. State Bank had also been given autonomy.

The State Bank watched in silence as the dollar soared. And gamblers at stock markets became exhilarated. The value of the dollar went from Rs150 to Rs230. It should be understood that by making the dollar more expensive, outsiders will benefit enormously while ordinary Pakistanis will suffer.

The reason for this elaborate conspiracy by anti-national elements is; when Pakistan defaults, they will be able to buy Pakistan’s assets paying pennies.

 Even today, we are not under the water yet. If the government lowers interest rates, lowers electricity prices, lowers its spending by cutting taxes and stops projects that are accumulating debt pressure and do not immediately benefit us economically.

It would be better to slow down the pace of such projects. The pace of these projects should be maintained according to our income. But if we don’t take that course, the fast pace will built those projects sooner, but due to exorbitant loans, those projects will not be ours.

Pakistan can progress only if the rulers, be it Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif or Asif Ali Zardari, stop fighting among themselves as the old saying goes ‘in a fight between monkeys, the cat always wins.’

Going by the aforementioned proverb, the cat is our enemy who is giving us loans by selling us big dreams, while the rulers including People’s Party, PML-N and PTI seem to be fighting each other for their greed for power. These people speak against our own institutions that will result in weakening the country.

Please learn to respect the institutions. Because even today our enemies fear us because of our institutions. May Allah protect Pakistan, Ameen.

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