Nadeem Moulvi

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

Stock market’s upward trajectory

Yesterday, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) surpassed the 40,000 barrier for the first time since February this year before the slump caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The total volume of shares crossed 800 million mark only for the fourth time this

Money can’t buy everything

During our lifecycle from birth to death, people often complain about problems and work less to eradicate them. We are in a rat race of life to earn money, gain power and authority. In the meantime, we have forgotten to

Economic greed

The government is trying its best to develop the economy under difficult circumstances as we are facing an economic and health crisis. Yet, there is no end to the insatiable greed of businessmen and industrialists who are only thinking about

Focus on agricultural growth

The reason the economy is important is when a country is unable to pay back its debts (called default in economic terms), the internal economy might be able to function but it will be never difficult to attract foreign investments.

Pandemics and lockdown

On March 24, 1882, German microbiologist Dr Robert Koch announced the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes the dangerous infection that affects your lungs. Kock failed to find a cure and tuberculosis still remains one of the biggest

Need for economic models

Pakistan’s economy has always been under intense pressure since the 1970s. Due to incessant political interference, we were unable to make a long-term economic plan for development. There has always been a short-term plan just to appease a small segment

Coronavirus risk management

There is complete chaos and uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis has exposed our fault lines. The federal government is at loggerheads with the Sindh government ever since a lockdown was imposed. People are unsure whom to support

Stock market crash

The shares at Pakistan Stock Exchange took a hammering once again as the KSE-100 index plunged by 1,716 points yesterday. The stock market was also halted for 45 minutes after a similar measure was adopted during Monday’s bloodbath. However, when

Stock market and oil prices

It must be clear that the stock market is merely a reflection of the state of the economy. In today’s era of economic war, the future of world economy can be predicted by witnessing the economies of China and United