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Amir Khakwani

Amir Khakwani

The writer is a senior journalist based in Lahore.

Dramatic story of ‘Us interventions’ in Pakistan

The talk of US intervention in Pakistan is a hot topic in the country in the recent past. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its leader claim that the United States not only intervened but also conspired to overthrow their government. On the

Lessons to learn from Dr Aamir Liaquat’s case

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain passed away, and his personal life, problems, shortcomings, and weaknesses all went with him. It is not appropriate to talk about them. The positive aspects of his life should be discussed or keeping silence is appropriate.

Blasmphemous comment: What is the real story?

Attempts by extremist Hindus in India to defame Islam, Islamic slogans and sacred religious figures have been going on for a long time. Every day some Hindu Jogi or Pandit gets up and spews his poison, an incident which took

Who was the fourth man?

A few days ago was Yaum-e-Takbeer on May 28 when Pakistan conducted a nuclear explosion. Many things have been written in this regard on media and social media. One of the phrases became very popular, “Pakistan’s atomic bomb was made

Why did Imran Khan’s long march end abruptly?

The sudden end of PTI chairman Imran Khan’s long march caught everyone by surprise. The astonishment of PTI workers can be visibly felt as those braving tear gas shelling for the last 24 hours, suddenly realized the show came to

Long March: What Imran achieved and what went wrong?

Imran Khan’s Long March is in its last phase. A difficult day is coming to an end. The protest is expected to continue tomorrow. There will be opportunities to analyze it. Let’s take a look at what has happened so

What options does the government have?

Do you know about Hobson’s choice? It is a fun expression and has a deep connection with today’s Pakistani politics but I will tell you about it later. The political alliance that is ruling the country today consists of eleven

SC verdict: Who won and who lost?

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court today ruled that the votes of dissident members of parliament from parliamentary parties would not be counted. The votes is the trust of the party. However, the Supreme Court bench has not ruled

Lettergate scandal – Part II

Is the opposition involved in a foreign conspiracy? Imran Khan and his associates seem to be giving the impression that since the Americans want to change our government, they have threatened it and also referred to the no-confidence motion in

Lettergate scandal – Part I

Recently, Imran Khan has claimed that the opposition’s no-trust move was part of an alleged “foreign-funded conspiracy” hatched against his government. He made these allegations at his party’s power show titled Amr Bil Maroof (enjoin the good) in Islamabad on

Three scenarios

The joint opposition has finally tabled a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly. The next session has been convened on March 31. Voting may not take place on that day and speeches will be made

The dramatic story of PTI’s dissidents

Different rumours and news were circulating about disgruntled PTI members of the national assembly for the last few days. Firstly the opposition claimed that it has got the support of 15-20 PTI members. The government ministers not only kept negating

The Miracle in Karachi Test

Who could have predicted that Pakistan team would bat for two days after scoring less than 150 runs the first innings and make about 450 runs. Our tradition has been that if the batting fails miserably in the first innings,

Govt-opposition clash: What will happen?

When the DG ISPR appeared on our TV screens on Thursday evening, those interested in politics were glued to him. Ready to comprehend very sentence. Minutes before the press conference, I spoke to a senior journalist and asked him if

Positives and negatives of PSL 7

The most vital and positive lesson we get from PSL is that we have brought cricket back to our country. The terrorist network got so weak that now it cannot sabotage cricket matches by its attacks in cities like Lahore

New spectacles to experience old world

Many years ago, this journalist worked in a monthly magazine in Lahore, but in plain words, in a digest. Small magazines are understaffed; sub-editors have to do a lot of work, from translating to proofreading and copying to editing the

Will the Opposition bring a no-confidence motion?

Opposition parties have created a new political storm after announcing a no-confidence motion against the government. The high-profile manner in which the opposition is making their announcement doesn’t look like they are bluffing. The opposition deliberately wants to make this

Nawaz Shairf and the Turkish Kebabs

In my previous blog, I mentioned two incidents regarding Asif Zardari. Later, many readers demanded that the target was Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and it’s now co-Chairman. Is there anything for Nawaz Sharif in former ambassador’s memoirs? Wherever Karamatullah Ghauri

When Asif Zardari embarrassed Benazir Bhutto

While reading the book of Karamatullah Ghori, the former ambassador of Pakistan, one gets to read such heartbreaking stories about many Pakistani rulers that he wants to share with his readers. Today we read the stories related to Asif Zardari.