Alleged blasphemy video at Aurat March stirs controversy

A hashtag of ‘Orya’, ‘Dharna against Aurat March’, and ‘Blasphemy’ has been trending on Twitter after a controversial video taken from the aurat march went viral on the social media platform.

In the viral video, women are quoted saying, ‘Ansaar bhi sun lein’ (referring to Ansaar Abbasi), ‘Orya bhi sun lein’ (referring to Orya Maqbool Jan) before that she says, ‘Mullah bhi sun lein’ (referring to the religious extremists).

However, some of the users quoted that the video was edited with blasphemy allegation as some words were changed from ‘Mullah’ with ‘Allah’,  ‘Rasool’ with ‘Fazlo’, and ‘Aulia’ with ‘Orya’. 

Related to this, a debate has been started on social media that which video is authentic or not. Lawyer and social activist Jibran Nasir also slammed one of the senior anchors for sharing a video claiming blasphemy allegations against participants of the Aurat March without any fact check. 

Nasir took to Twitter and asked journalist Ovais Ahmed Mangalwala to delete the video and clarify authenticity before sharing.

Another video of a famous social media influencer explained that the video was edited:

There are mixed reactions and debate related to the recent controversial video circulating on social media: 


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