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Ali Gul Pir recreates Indian cleric’s video on marital advice

The A-list were ringing in the New Year in style on Friday night. (YouTube)

Famous comedian Ali Gul Pir, who knows how to add a humorous element to his videos, recently recreated an Indian Muslim cleric’s statement about married women who complain about their husbands.

The cleric in a video message said, “The women who don’t do make-up and don’t get ready before the arrival of their husbands should not complain about their bad behavior or them coming home late.”

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Now, Ali Gul Pir recreated and acted along with the commentary and washed his face, put talcum powder on his face, wore red lipstick, and pretended to be a desperate woman as per the cleric’s instructions.  

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Many social media users praised his flawlessly recreated video and epic expressions. Many girls were of the view that Ali Gul Pir’s recreation has reduced the harsh tone of the original.

Ali Gul Pir Hilariously Recreates Indian Cleric's Marital Advice

Ali Gul Pir Hilariously Recreates Indian Cleric's Marital Advice

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