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Worldwide coronavirus cases cross 38 million

WASHINGTON: The coronavirus has killed 1,085,372 people worldwide and affected 38,040,063.

The number of healthy people from coronavirus has risen to 28.598 million and there are 83.56 million active cases. The United States ranks first among the countries infected with the coronavirus, with 220,011 deaths and 8,037,789 people diagnosed with the coronavirus.

India ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus cases, with 1,173,565 people diagnosed with the coronavirus and 1,09,894 deaths.

Brazil is the third most affected country by a coronavirus, with more than 5.1 million people affected and 150,709 deaths. In Russia, more than 1.314 million people have been infected with the coronavirus, bringing the total death toll to 22,722.

Colombia ranks fifth among countries infected with the coronavirus, with 27,985 deaths and more than 919,000 reported cases.

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In Argentina, 93,730 people have been affected and 24,186 deaths have been reported. More than 918,000 people have been affected in Spain, while 32,124 people have lost their lives. In Peru, 851,171 people have been affected and 33,357 have died.

The first death from coronavirus was reported on 11th January 2020 in China. On 9th April, the total death toll from coronavirus rose to 100,000. The first 100,000 deaths from coronavirus were reported in the first 89 days.

On 24th April this year, the death toll from coronavirus had reached 200,000 and it took only 15 days for one to 200,000 deaths. As of 13th May, 300,000 deaths had been registered worldwide, and it took 19 days to reach 200,000 to 300,000 deaths.


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