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Who is Tala Safwan and why was she arrested in Saudi Arabia?


Tala Safwan, a popular Egyptian social media influencer has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for making video content based on alleged sexual conversations.

Saudi police said about the arrest that she was arrested because the video clip posted by the TikTok star contained a message regarding homosexuality.

Who is Tala Safwan?

Tala Safwan is a famous TikToker, who is very popular among the public for her interesting video content, she has around eighty five thousand followers on YouTube and around five million followers on TikTok account. Tala Safwan is very popular among the public because of her unique personality and loose hair. According to media reports, she was born in 2002 in the Saudi city of Jeddah, where she lived with her family.

What type of video content is there?

In the type of videos that Tala Safwan makes, she mostly answers TV shows and also answers questions sent by her fans. This includes discussing romantic relationships and embarrassing incidents. TikTok uses different methods of pranks or pranks in its videos, while different challenges can also be seen in its videos.

Which video led to the arrest?

Recently, the popular TikToker posted a video in which she was talking to a Saudi woman whom she invited to her home as a friend. Meanwhile, some of her sentences have been considered ‘sexual’.

Campaign against TikTok

After the video was presented by Tala Safwan, a campaign was launched against her on social media, including a hashtag which translates as ‘Tala has offended the society’. Safwan, who has more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, said the clip had been taken out of context from the full video in order to cause a scandal.

Arrest of TikTok After a campaign against TikTok was launched on social media, police in Riyadh announced that they had arrested a man who allegedly sexually assaulted another woman during a video broadcast, raising concerns about social ethics.

A negative effect may occur. It should be noted that the police did not reveal the name of Tala Safwan, but in this message, the video clip was shown in which the face of him and his friend were hidden.

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