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Nations observes 74th martyrdom anniversary of Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed

Captain Sarwar laid down his life for his country during the war against India in 1948. (Photo: Online)

KARACHI: The 74th Martyrdom Day of Captain Mohammad Sarwar Shaheed is being celebrated across the country today, while he is the first officer to have given his life for the sanctity of the country, who was awarded Nishan-e-Haider.

The great son of the nation laid down his life for the safety of the country. According to the details, Captain Muhammad Sarwar, who was martyred during the Kashmir war in 1948, showed unparalleled courage and bravery.

The nation will always remember the services of Captain Muhammad Sarwar. Today, 74 years have been completed since the martyrdom of Captain Sarwar, in whose memory various events will be organized.

Captain Mohammad Sarwar Shaheed, who was born in the village of Singhori in Rawalpindi before the establishment of Pakistan, was 37 years old at the time of martyrdom. Captain Sarwar started his service as a soldier in the army in 1929 and progressed with the passage of time. Before the establishment of Pakistan, in 1944, Captain Mohammad Sarwar was inducted into the Punjab Regiment and participated in the Second World War on behalf of Great Britain. In 1946, he was made a captain and when Pakistan was established, Captain Muhammad Sarwar was ready to be a part of the Pakistan Army.

After the partition of the subcontinent, Captain Muhammad Sarwar joined the Pakistan Army. The operation in Kashmir took place in 1948, during which he played an important role in repelling India from Gilgit-Baltistan and Ladakh. During the war, when the army of the enemy country blocked the path of Captain Mohammad Sarwar by using barbed wire, they cut the wire, during which the enemy started shelling him.

Captain Muhammad Sarwar was injured due to heavy shelling. 27 July 1948 is the day of martyrdom of Captain Mohammad Sarwar when Mohammad Sarwar’s battalion had targeted the enemy’s important position in Uri sector.

The great son of the nation gave his life for the sanctity of the country. After Captain Sarwar was martyred by the enemy, the Mujahideen attacked the enemy and forced him to retreat. Various ceremonies will be organized across the country today in memory of Captain Muhammad Sarwar who was the first to be awarded Nishan-e-Haider. Pakistani army and senior leadership as well as people will pay tribute to Captain Mohammad Sarwar Shaheed.







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