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What’s cooking between rumoured couple Mohsin Abbas and Nazish Jahangir?

The reports of Nazish Jahangir and Mohsin Abbas Haider dating made headlines when Mohsin’s ex-wife claimed Abbas was having an extramarital affair with the actress.

After the incident, both actors were spotted together numerously on different occasions and many netizens noticed Nazish Jahangir expressing her love for the actor as well on her social media account.

However, recently, things do not seem well between both the actors as Jahangir on her Instagram account posted a  story hinting towards an emotional breakdown.

What's Happening Between Nazish Jahangir & Mohsin Abbas Haider

“I am so grateful to Allah that he saved me from the people who were not good for my betterment in long term, knowing someone’s reality over and over breaks you but knowing this Allah has written something better makes you strong too,” the actress posted.

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On the other hand, Abbas too posted a story similar to Jahangir in which he talks about toxic people, “Thank You, Allah Pak, for saving me from toxic and psycho people because you know I deserve better.”

What's Happening Between Nazish Jahangir & Mohsin Abbas Haider

In July 2019, Fatima Sohail, wife of Mohsin Abbas, had accused her husband of torture and accused Nazish Jahangir of having a relationship with Abbas.

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However, he denied all the allegations. Moreover, the couple’s marriage collapsed rather spectacularly as the two made bold claims against each other on national television. The much-admired actress chose to stay silent on a subject that was very aggressively being imposed on her.

Moreover, Nazish also Jahangir denied the allegations stating, that if Fatima had any evidence in this regard, she should post it on social media.

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