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What do you know about Karbala?

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Who can call himself a Muslim who is not familiar with Karbala and the event related to it?

On the 10th of Muharram 61 Hijri, at the place of Karbala, the story of oppression and persecution of the great-grandson of Rasool Jigar Gusha Batul, Imam Al-Maqam, Sayyiduna Hussain (RA) and his blessed family took place.

He still feels the pain in his heart and renews the grief of the Prophet.

Where is Karbala located?

Because of this great tragedy in the history of Islam, every Muslim in the world is familiar with Karbala, but where Karbala is located and what is its current urban situation, are known to very few people. Let’s talk about Karbala Muala in detail. 

Karbala is a famous city in Iraq, this holy city is located 100 km southwest of the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, and is part of Karbala province. Karbala existed as a little-known passage before the incident with the Prophet, but after the Yazidi persecution of the Prophet, this little-known place gained fame in history.

Population and Urban Management of Karbala

The current population of Karbala city is said to be around one million, which increases greatly during the months of Muharram and Safar due to the large number of pilgrims who come from all corners of the world in love with the Prophet.

Karbala is considered to be one of the richest cities in Iraq, with a large portion of its income coming from religious tourism and agricultural production. Dates of Karbala are also eaten with great passion and devotion and this is also an important source of income for this city.

Karbala consists of two districts, Old Karbala is known as the religious center of devotion and New Karbala is a residential area of the city, where there are religious madrasas, educational centers, and a large number of congregations, and government buildings.

Anwar on the mausoleum of Sayyidina Husayn (RA) is the forehead chandelier of this city and the main means of identification of this holy city. Mazar Mubarak is located in the center of the old city.

Sayyidina Husayn’s shrine 

The mausoleum of Sayyidina Husayn (RA) has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, Muslims and devotees from all corners of the world come for pilgrimage, especially during Muharram, and try to feel the grief of the Prophet.

According to the municipality of Karbala, the number of pilgrims from all over the world reaches 20 million during Arbaeen, that is Chehlum.

Arba’een Pilgrimage

On the same days, thousands of devotees also perform the 

Arba’een  Walk” from another holy city of Najaf Ashraf to Karbala in Iraq. Thousands of pilgrims walk a distance of about eighty kilometers from Najaf to Karbala and walk from the mausoleum of Syedna Ali Murtaza in Najaf Ashraf to the mausoleum of Sayyedna Husayn in Karbala, in the name of Arba’een  Walk. It is famous all over the world.

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