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US can stop India

With an increasingly hostile and belligerent neighbour, Pakistan seems to be looking only at the United States to warn India from its nefarious designs. In such circumstances, Pakistan might be looking forward to the incoming Biden administration to support against India.

Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington, Asad Majeed Khan, has raised the issue along with James Dobbins, a former US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. They said the United States is perhaps the only country which can persuade India to stop its subversive activities in Pakistan.

The US is in the position to play an important and critical role in the issue and could support peace and security in the region. Pakistan has been providing evidence of Indian involvement in state-sponsored terrorism and even gave a dossier to the UN and world capitals. There have been thousands of ceasefires along the border region and UN peace observers were not spared. In such circumstances, the US seems to be the only country which can control India.

The Trump administration was increasingly friendly towards Modi, hosting him on two occasions including a visit to the White House. This was followed by a massive rally in Houston to welcome Modi which Trump attended. Trump went on an official visit to India where Modi filled the world’s largest stadium to welcome Trump. In sharp contrast, Prime Minister Imran Khan had one visit to Washington where he retained US ties but they were insufficient to push forward Pakistan’s narrative.

Pakistan wants the United States to help stop Indian interference in the country’s internal affairs. No country can live in isolation and Pakistan should strengthen ties with all countries particularly the US which has been an old rally even though the relationship has been tumultuous over the years.

Pakistan has made huge strides against terrorism and made numerous sacrifices but there has been a resurgence in the past two years which shows Indian footprints all over the region. China is another player in the region but it is embroiled in its own tussle with India and will be unable to control Indian hegemony.

Pakistan only hopes lies with the Biden administration who knows both countries well and the politics in the region. He has called Pakistan a friend and more important than Afghanistan and it needs to be seen how he will handle the situation and whether he will be able to control India.