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Two years of U-turns

Munir Ahmed

The writer is the Director Devcom-Pakistan, an Islamabad-based policy advocacy and outreach think tank.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s government has concluded its second year with shamelessly insane two attempts after uncountable U-turns in the last two years.
 The first shameless attempt of the regime is to come all out to extend the tenure of Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman, for his well-deserved ‘services’ described in an interview with well-known journalist and columnist Javed Chaudhry.
The content of the column is still afresh in many of the minds in the memory lost nation. If, unfortunately, no one remembers the most hyped and controversial piece in recent years, you may remember the video in which the retired judge was extending a retarded ‘indecent proposal’ to an aggrieved married woman whose husband was illegally locked up by NAB.
His most important ‘achievement’ is the Panama case probe where a former prime minister was convicted, by hook or by crook – it is another story, but never questioned anyone in another five hundred cases. He has been successful in illegal detention of the opposition leaders for months in violation of the justice norms. Let’s not talk about morality and political impartiality or so far so human rights violation in his case. It would be disrespectful to the aforementioned three words.
His performance is well-established by only three questionable convictions out of about 200 cases. Any economist and finance expert would be able to let us know the cost per ‘questionable conviction’. His performance has been questioned several times by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and directed to improve the conditions. No change as yet, rather he blames the courts for extremely long delays. He could not dare to confess, unfortunately, his failure to prove the charged ones as guilty in the courts.
His recent ‘accomplishment’ is the illegal detention of Mir Shakil ur Rehman, the chief of Jang Group. Many believe, not only the entire government but all the state institutions and autonomous organizations are being run by the establishment for their own hegemony.
Truth and dissenting voices had never been accepted in Pakistan. Intolerance and avenge has always been very high but it seems it has peaked now. It is sheer loss of confidence in the establishment, and unbearable trust deficit between the state institutions and public. If it continues, perhaps, our armed forces would have to fight within the country once again before to battle on the frontiers.
The public is witnessing the process of illegitimate interference of the actual rulers to which the NAB has surrendered too. Who will not surrender against the gun?
With this, PTI government’s two tall claims have taken U-turn. One that PTI will not play in the hands of the establishment. Second U-turn is the worst, accountability across the board, starting from his majesty Imran Khan.
Even more than worst and beyond imagination is silently taking up an ordinance to favour Indian spy Kalbhushan Yadev. Many are speechless. Nawaz Sharif was severely condemned by Imran Khan for allegedly doing business with India. What words would be more suitable to curse and condemn Imran Khan and his team for favouring Indian spy?
Meaningful or meaningless, whatever, but it is a big U-turn on Pakistan’s stance on Indian hegemonic affairs affecting us. Genocide is on in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir at much pace than ever, and vilification of Muslims in India at historic high, and we are paving path to free the Indian spy at any cost. Why is patriotism not questioned?
A reverse journey of two years would unfold many more U-turns. Just listen again to the Imran Khan speeches delivered on the container or go through the written election manifesto of PTI, do the comparison of his speeches and actions so far to count all the U-turns in his two years of the moronic regime.   
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