Munir Ahmed

Munir Ahmed

The writer is the Director Devcom-Pakistan, an Islamabad-based policy advocacy and outreach think tank.

Russia-Pakistan at 75

One year on, Pakistan and Russia are struggling for a robust bilateral diplomacy. It is what we never thought of after the Bhutto regime – a golden period of cooperation for both countries. Many best things happened before Pakistan bowed

Act Now for Pak-Kazakh Stronger Ties

Bumpy politics, undue interinstitutional interference, inefficient diplomacy and bilateral relations, turtle-slow economic growth, and ethnic divide are the hallmarks of today’s Pakistan – a seventy-five-year old country of unwise leadership. Moreover, Pakistan is a reluctant country to learn from others

Fast Changing Geopolitical Landscape

Planet Earth is in the process of a total breakdown in the architecture of international relations. Once they were aimed at bridging the states and civilizations on common spaces and interests. For the last four decades, the world has seen

Russia-China Togetherness for Regional Peace

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have made a sweeping affirmation of their alignment across a host of issues – and shared mistrust of the United States – in a lengthy statement following talks between the two

Leaked Docs on Ukraine War

Media is the best tool for negative narrative building in this age of morons that are least interested in digging down the apparent value of information. Though we are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the masses’ intelligence

Russia’s Rationale for ‘Ukraine Operation’

After the fresh cache of military aid from the US, Donbass town came under deadly Ukrainian shelling that destroyed dozens of buildings and killed four people in Yasinovataya in Donetsk People’s Republic, RT reported quoting the head of DPR Denis

Ukraine’s April Counteroffensive

No peace negotiations are on the horizon to end the Ukraine war, rather every effort is being made for the April-end “Counteroffensive” to “liberate” the “Russian-occupied” territories of Ukraine in the last 14 months of the Russia-Ukraine war. Just a

Ukraine War Spring Offensive Strategies

Europe’s biggest armed conflict since World War II is poised to enter a new phase in the coming weeks, reported on 1 Apr 2023. Quoting the Ukrainian defence minister the news outlet has published that “With no suggestion of

Setting-up the next war front

On 23 March 2023, the first day of Ramadan ul Mubarak for most of the Muslim countries and ‘Pakistan Day’ for Pakistanis, the South Korean and the US troops launched their largest amphibious landing drills in years involving a US

The changing face of Ukraine war

The Ukraine war is getting intense for the final combat, most probably early summer. Both sides are recollecting their energy and resources to accumulate their strength. The US-NATO supported Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) could not get much claimed space

Pushing Korean Peninsula to War

The Korean Peninsula is at the verge of collapse as North Korea touts “nuclear war deterrence” with submarine cruise missile test on Monday March 13, 2023 while the US-South Korea joint drills kicked off. North Korea said it tested submarine-launched

Venezuela: Ten years after Hugo Chávez

Ten years back on March 5 [2013], Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reportedly died from cancer after a two-year battle. That was the unexpected end of a 14 years of tumultuous rule that made the socialist leader a hero for the

Taiwan Strait Standoff – What Next?

For decades, the world has suffered from the decisions taken or imposed by the US administration on its long-term partners, NATO and EU. Afghan Jihad, War on Terrorism, and Arab Spring had no fallout on the US or its partners

Russia-Ukraine war a year after

The war in Ukraine completes a year on February 24 with more commitments of military and humanitarian aid from the US, NATO nations and other allies against one Russian. The United States and its G7 allies on Friday [February 24]

The Ukraine War Decisive Action

BBC reported on 2 February 2023 quoting the Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksii Reznikov has said “Russia is preparing a major new offensive, and warned that it could begin as soon as 24 February. Moscow had amassed thousands of troops and

Ukraine War Cost to the US

In 2022, the United States government donated over 12 billion US dollars in humanitarian aid worldwide. Germany followed with over 3 billion US dollars, while the European Commission donated around 2 billion US dollars. Another about $5 billion was donated

The West’s Camouflaged Lies and Hypocrisies

Might is right, even their blatant lies. Recent geopolitical history is packed with harshly untruthful narratives of the mighty nations. Usually, their lies were camouflaged for their geopolitical and geo-economic vested interests. They were against the strong leaders of the

The Ukrainian grain bomb to blast

The Russia-Ukraine war is gradually becoming dirtier. The US and NATO nations are all out to completely ruin Ukraine to grab space at the Russian border, just to halt Russia’s outreach to the world. Very strange that all the mighty

Taiwan-US on a new historic turn

The US and NATO states’ high-profile visit to Taiwan in 2022 were believed to be a backbone support to Taiwan’s present government of Democratic Progressive Party. But, China’s intensive reaction made it turbulent. Stormier for the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen

The Ukraine war deepfakes

In the 10 months of the Ukraine war, the US and NATO nations have increased their military assistance to Kyiv to make up for Ukraine’s losses. By December 2022, the total US and NATO members military aid to Ukraine touched

The US unfulfilled commitments

The first day of 2023 was another horrific day for both sides of the Ukraine war. The reported citing local authorities that at least six civilians were killed in the Ukrainian attack on a hospital, located at the town

Ukraine War’s State Sponsored Terrorism

On Wednesday November 23, 2022 – Following the alleged atrocities carried out by the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime against Ukrainian civilians, Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have “recognized” Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism” in its session at

Silence on Ukraine War Crimes

About ten months of war between Russia and Ukraine and counting. Hundreds of people of the neighborhood have lost their lives for the vested interests of others, mainly the US and the West. Two prospering states have cost their economies

Winning Over Asia-Pacific Region

Washington’s increasing interest in winning over the Asia-Pacific shows the vitality of the region in the fast picking up of Cold War-II. What will be the role of Indo-Pacific countries in the emerging geopolitical scenario? And what will be the

Islamophobia and the US politics

Two decades after the rise of Islamophoia in the US power corridors, this year November 8 midterm election results show that Muslim Americans are no longer on the fringe of the US politics. First time in US history a leading

Enemies within: War crimes in Ukraine

Bad time for the pro-Russian citizens of Kherson, a stronghold of Russia with a large Kremlin-leaning population, after the Ukrainian troops retook the city back on early morning Friday (November 11, 2022). The massive attack is said to be supported

CICA’s Astana Declaration – What Next?

The sixth meeting of the 27 heads of states and governments of the member states of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) successfully concluded on 13 October 2022 in Astana (Kazakhstan). Yet again, it is

Off-the-Cuff on the US

Pakistan is passing through historic extremes from climatic disasters to political frustration and chaos. The country is surrounded by strange challenges too, mostly posed by its own “friends”, and enemies within. President Joe Biden’s ‘off-the-cuff’ statement on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals

Annexation: Another twist in Russia-Ukraine war

On September 30, 2022, President Vladimir Putin announced ‘reunification’ of four Ukrainian parts with Russia while both countries have been fighting since late February this year. The US and the West have shown their anger over the “annexation” of Luhansk,

Imposing manipulated narratives

Not new or strange. We are living in the age of “processed information” that is communicated systematically to develop a manipulated or camouflaged narrative in a country, region or globally. The built-up of a manipulated narrative usually serves some political,