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Try this spicy and scrumptious chana chaat in Karachi

The citizens of Karachi are fond of spicy and delicious chana chaat which can be found in every nook and corner of the city.

‘Chandni Chatkhara Foods’ situated in Shah Faisal Colony has been selling delicious chana chaat since 1965 as foodies return to try it again and again.  The eatery has maintained its same wonderful flavours and spices since decades.

Now ‘Chandni Chatkhara’ has become a famous outlet located in Block No. 2 of Shah Faisal Colony. Wasim, who is busy serving customers, says that they make the items for the chaat themselves.

The ingredients are rather simple, as they add the chaat with papri, onion and raita. Another interesting thing is they use four different types of chutneys in their chaat.

The eatery starts selling chaat every day from 12 noon till late at night. Fast food and BBQ are also available here, but chana chaat has become their hallmark.

“If a person works hard, he will be rewarded. It is worthless to earn money without providing quality food to the people,” said Waseem. “If you give something good, then customers will come to us again and again.”

The chana chaat is so famous that it is also sent abroad to Saudi Arabia and Dubai as gifts. Besides people come from across Karachi for a delicious plate of chana chaat with their relatives and family.

A plate of Chana Chaat, which used to cost 30 paisas in its heyday, is now available for Rs100. Chana Chaat is also available from places in the area but Chandni is the most well-known eatery.’