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Tree Plantation Drive

In the current circumstances, the Timber Mafia remains the biggest threat for trees across the country. Whether it is forests, rural or urban areas, highways, trees are felling in large numbers everywhere. The deforestation rate in Pakistan is 0.2 percent to 0.5 percent annually which is the highest in the world. Pakistan is among the six countries that will be most affected by global warming.
The country’s forests are dwindling fast posing threats to the livelihood of local communities, creating an impending shortage of resources, increasing pollutions, and causing a significant threat to the environment due to vanishing natural protection against flash floods. Natural disasters and deforestation have proven to be disastrous for Pakistan’s green cover.
At such a time, a significant development was made by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The prime minister kickstarted the Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign 2020 in Kahuta. He said that enhancing green areas was vital to protect the future generation from pollution and global warming. The PTI government had launched the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami campaign. Under this campaign, PM Imran asserted that the government has grown 30 million trees in just two years.
PM Imran has, on several occasions, highlighted the importance of preserving national parks, forests, and the green cover to ward off the dangers of global warming and climate change. The Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) has also launched several initiatives to meet the Climate Action targets.
The government is also making urban communities, including schoolchildren, more aware of the value of natural resources in urban settings and the importance of protecting them. Prime Minister Imran has taken an excellent step for our future generations.
It is everyone’s responsibility to be a part of the tree-planting campaign alongside the prime minister and plant as many trees as possible so that our future generations can have a clean and green Pakistan because planting trees is also a charity and a part of faith.
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