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This deaf and mute juice seller is challenging disability stereotypes in Pakistan

Karachi has a wide variety of juice stalls and kiosks providing refreshing drinks in the scorching heat. There are many sellers who are working hard to sell a variety of juices and shakes but there is one stall owner who

Let’s have a ‘biryani’ break

The food culture of Karachi is extremely diverse. However, despite having so many choices available, Karachites prefer having biryani You need no occasion for it. Bored? order biryani. Busy? let’s have a biryani break. It’s Friday, it’s Biryani day, The

These Christians, Hindus are distributing Iftari for Muslims in Ramazan

Ramzan is a holy month for Muslims, however, the non-Muslim community in Pakistan also participates by arranging Iftari for Muslims to boost interfaith harmony and as a goodwill gesture. Pakistani Christians and Hindus provides free iftar on the roads of

Crispiest gol gappas, a treat for chatoras

Paani Puri is the perfect snack for anyone who takes pride in calling themselves a chatora. Karachi, being a metropolitan city, is full of spots selling the crispiest gol gappas. Meerut Chaat Gol Gappe can be declared as the pioneer

Jennifer Aniston returns to filming another ‘The Morning Show’ season

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston has officially returned to the sets of her show ‘The Morning Show’. The actress was seen shooting for a sequence in Los Angeles after the show recently began production on the second edition of

Karachi’s best mouth-watering ‘jalebis’

Have you heard the sizzle of a jalebi? It is the most beautiful sound in the world. It is a spiral-shaped snack crispy from the outside and juicy from the inner sweet made of gram flour and sugar syrup. Here

Tea at your doorstep – Pakistan’s first online Chai delivery

On average, Pakistanis’ day doesn’t begin until they have had a good cup of karak — or strong — Chai (Tea). The love for chai seems to run in our veins. The country’s favourite beverage is now getting a cool

SC orders not to call differently-abled people as ‘disabled’

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has directed the government to use correct words for ‘persons with disabilities’ in official correspondence and not those which are degrading or offensive. The Supreme Court ordered not to call disabled people with disabilities in the

Restaurants that will BBQ your sacrificial animal’s meat this Eid

The festive occasion of Eid-ul-Azha is being observed by Muslims in Pakistan and around the world. Pious Muslims sacrifice animals on this day in accordance with Islamic rituals and traditions. While this is a religious occasion, it is also an

Great spots to satisfy your Qorma cravings

A good qorma is instantly recognizable by its unforgettable and extremely delicious aroma. Qorma is a royal dish item from the Mughal era but is still a heart-winning food item for every other Pakistani. Blended in a rich variety of

The Best Bun Kababs in Karachi

Bun Kabab is a street-side classic food item. It is basically a burger bun stuffed with a kabab and topped with slightly sweet and spicy chutney, sliced onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage. This street-side delicious item can fix even the

Must try dessert this Eid

On the occasion of Eid-Al-Fitr, also known as the ‘Meethi Eid’, a religious celebration is observed that often comprises a wide range of sweet delicacies. As you know, sweetmeats also known as ‘mithai’ are an essential part of Eid celebrations.