The Best Bun Kababs in Karachi

Bun Kabab is a street-side classic food item. It is basically a burger bun stuffed with a kabab and topped with slightly sweet and spicy chutney, sliced onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage.
This street-side delicious item can fix even the grumpiest mood once you eat it. For years, Karachiites have been enjoying bun kababs. They are a common snack available in every nook and corner but we have listed the best bun kababs spots for you in town for a heavenly bun kabab experience.
Haji Adnan Ahmed Bun Kabab
The most famous one is on Burns road called ‘Haji Adnan Ahmed Bun Kabab’ who has been selling bun kababs for 69 years.  “It’s our 4th generation serving these bun kababs to our customers,” said the owner, “People come from different places to our special bun kababs.”

Burns road’s bun

“Our quality is our first priority, it remains the same. Our bun kababs are garnished with onion and chutney.” The bun kababs are sold at the reasonable range here; Burns road’s specials are sold at Rs.30 for a single plate and double at Rs.60.
“People can eat 4 to 5 plates of bun kababs easily here. Our main focus is our hygiene, what we eat is what we serve.” There is no branch of the Haji Adnan Bun Kabab. “We have no branch… people who correlate their stalls with ours are a fraud.” 
Al Jannat Bun Kabab  
Al Jannat Bun Kabab, situated at Jamshed road has 4 branches in Karachi. “We not only serve tasty but also clean and hygienic bun kababs,” says the worker.

Special bun kabab

“The secret that makes our bun kababs particularly famous is our chutney. Its blend is our secret recipe.” This kabab house sells the single plate for Rs.30 and the double plate for Rs.60.
House of Bun Kabab
Located at D.H.A. Phase 6, this place is rich in terms of variety. “We have a large variety of bun kebabs…be it daal (lentil), aalo (potatoes) or chicken bun kabab; we have it all,” says a worker at the eatery.

Daal bun kabab

“People come to our place to eat our daal bun kabab as our taste resembles Burns road’s special bun kababs a lot. Our Daal bun kabab is sold at Rs.50 for a single plate and 100 for the double. The chicken bun kabab is sold at Rs.60 for single and double for Rs.120.” 


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