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This deaf and mute juice seller is challenging disability stereotypes in Pakistan

Karachi has a wide variety of juice stalls and kiosks providing refreshing drinks in the scorching heat.

There are many sellers who are working hard to sell a variety of juices and shakes but there is one stall owner who may sell an ordinary watermelon juice but is himself extraordinary and an inspiration.

Khair-ul-Rehman is a stall owner who sells delicious watermelon and lemon juices at Char Minar, Bahardurabad. Born deaf and mute, he proves that disability is no barrier to hard work as he provides refreshing juices to customers.

Rehman, in sign language, shares that he has been selling watermelon juice for 16 years. Due to his disability, he faced many challenges but never stopped working. Rehman believes in hard work and has vowed to sell juice, work on fields but will never beg. 

He has six children including five daughters and one son. He shares how he never takes money from a needy person. If a beggar drinks from his cart he never charges him. He sells watermelon juices at Rs. 20, 40, and the large one at Rs.60. His drinks are pure and he never uses any artificial flavours.