Joe Biden

Joe Biden announces ban on Russian energy imports

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden has announced his administration is banning Russian oil, natural gas and coal imports to the US in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a step he warned could lead to a spike in gas prices

Joe Biden opens winter battle against COVID-19

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden will announce Thursday a winter campaign against Covid-19, with new testing requirements for travelers and a surge in vaccination efforts — but no clear path to defeating the pandemic he was elected to confront. Biden

Biden, China’s Xi wrap up three-hour long virtual summit

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden pressed his Chinese counterpart on Beijing’s human rights practices, in an over three-hour call on Monday, while Xi Jinping warned that China would respond to provocations on Taiwan. The closely watched conversation between the leaders

Joe Biden, European allies discuss Iran nuclear program

ROME: As Iran’s nuclear program makes troubling advances, President Joe Biden huddled Saturday with European allies to talk through strategy as they press for a diplomatic resolution — and to plan for the possibility Iran declines to return to the

US and China agree to abide by Taiwan agreement

WASHINGTON (Reuters): US President Joe Biden has said that he has spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping about Taiwan and they agreed to abide by the Taiwan agreement, as tensions have ratcheted up between Taipei and Beijing. “I have spoken

US President Biden to convene virtual virus summit on fringe of UN

 WASHINGTON (Reuters): U.S. President Joe Biden will convene a virtual COVID-19 summit on Wednesday on the margins of the U.N. General Assembly aimed at boosting vaccinations worldwide with the goal of ending the pandemic by the end of 2022. White

Biden announces to complete US withdrawal from Afghanistan by August 31

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has announced that the withdrawal from Afghanistan will be completed by August 31. He said that due to the growing threat of terrorist attacks, an urgent withdrawal is needed. “The sooner we can end the

Russia offered US use of Central Asia bases for Afghan operations: Report

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin in June offered US counterpart Joe Biden the use of Russian military bases in Central Asia for information gathering from Afghanistan, a Russian newspaper reported as American troops leave the country. Taliban fighters have made major

Facebook refutes Biden’s claim of ‘killing people’ with vaccine misinformation

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook defended itself against US President Joe Biden’s assertion that the social media platform is “killing people” by allowing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines to proliferate, saying the facts tell a different story. “The data shows that 85% of

Biden holds ‘constructive’ dialogue with Putin in Geneva summit

GENEVA: US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin decided at a “pragmatic” first summit on Wednesday to hold arms control and cyber-security talks and return their respective ambassadors, while agreeing to differ on other issues. The discussions at

NATO adopts tough line on China at Biden’s debut summit

BRUSSELS: NATO leaders warned that China presents “systemic challenges,” taking a forceful stance towards Beijing in a communique at Joe Biden’s first summit with the alliance. The US president has urged his fellow NATO leaders to stand up to China’s

Biden orders intelligence report on COVID origins within 90 days

WASHINGTON: United States President Joe Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to report to him in the next three months on whether the COVID-19 virus first emerged in China from an animal source or from a laboratory accident. In a statement

In historic first, two powerful women flank US president

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden’s address to Congress broke a historic glass ceiling as two women – Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – sat behind the president for the first time in US history. The seating arrangement

Biden singles out Amazon for not paying federal income taxes

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden singled out for not paying federal taxes as he spoke about raising the burden of taxes on multinational companies and hiking the corporate tax rate. Biden’s infrastructure plan unveiled earlier in the day increases

US nears 500,000 COVID-19 deaths

WASHINGTON: The United States was on the brink of the grim milestone of 500,000 Covid-related deaths since the start of the pandemic, as the nation’s top virus expert warned a form of normalcy may not return until the end of

Iranian FM proposes coordinated return to nuclear deal with US

TEHRAN: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif suggested a way to overcome the US-Iranian impasse over who goes first in returning to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, saying a top EU official could “synchronize” or “choreograph” the moves. Zarif’s stance

Biden administration reviews arms deals with UAE, Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden’s administration signalled a fresh look at US policy in the Middle East, announcing reviews of massive arms packages for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as well as envisioning a slow return to diplomacy with

US will lead way on ‘existential’ climate crisis: Biden

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden vowed the US would lead the world’s charge to confront the “existential threat” of the climate crisis, as he signed a raft of new orders and announced a global summit in April. The measures included placing

Honoured to perform at inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden: Demi Lovato

WASHINGTON: Famous American singer and actress Demi Lovato has made her fans very happy as she announced to attend and perform at the inauguration of Joe Biden as President on 20th January. The 28-year-old actress shared the news on her

No invitation: Is Biden administration sidelining PM Khan?

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is set to depart for the United States to attend the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden in Washington on January 20. Bilawal will arrive in the US on January 19,

Joe Biden receives second COVID-19 vaccine

WASHINGTON: President-elect Joe Biden has received his second COVID-19 shot, and said that getting vaccines injected would be a “number one priority” for his incoming administration. It comes as vaccine rollout has faltered badly in the world’s hardest-hit country, where

Biden picks career diplomat William Burns as CIA chief

WASHINGTON: US President-elect Joe Biden announced William Burns as his pick to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, tapping a retired veteran diplomat who helped lead secret talks with Iran. Burns, along with Biden’s nominee for director of national intelligence, Avril

US Supreme Court shuns election-related disputes

WASHINGTON: The US Supreme Court steered clear of more cases involving bids by President Donald Trump and some Republican allies to overturn his election loss and turned away a Democratic effort to expand mail-in voting in Texas. The justices, as

Trump finally promises transition as calls mount to remove him

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump for the first time promised a smooth transition to Joe Biden and acknowledged his presidency was ending as calls grew for his removal from office for encouraging a mob attack on the US Capitol. In a video

US Congress formally certifies Joe Biden’s election win

WASHINGTON: United States Congress has formally certified Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory, hours after hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol Building. The White House released a statement from Trump in which he pledged an “orderly transition”

Biden receives COVID-19 vaccine live on TV

WASHINGTON: United States President-elect Joe Biden received a COVID-19 vaccine live on television in a campaign to boost Americans’ confidence in the jabs and in marked contrast to President Donald Trump’s mixed messaging. The 78-year-old incoming president got the Pfizer

Biden introduces diverse environment team to tackle climate change

WASHINGTON: President-elect Joe Biden introduced key members of his environmental team and said his administration would make the fight against global warming a pillar of his drive to rebuild the pandemic-hit US economy. Biden said these nominees will “lead my

Biden appoints Pakistan-origin Ali Zaidi as deputy climate coordinator

A Pakistani American has been nominated as the Deputy Adviser on the US’s Domestic Climate Change Policy. The decision was made by the incoming US President Joe Biden. Newly nominated Ali Zaidi is a Harvard graduate and has been serving

Biden to receive COVID-19 vaccine next week

WASHINGTON: United States President-elect Joe Biden will get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as next week as authorities try to build public confidence in a measure that promises to stop the deadly pandemic. Vice President Mike Pence will get the

‘Democracy prevailed’: US Electoral College confirms Biden’s win

WASHINGTON: President-elect Joe Biden delivered a rebuke to President Donald Trump’s attacks on the legitimacy of his victory, hours after winning the state-by-state Electoral College vote that officially determines the US presidency. “In this battle for the soul of America,