Sindh’s ‘VIPs’ to be jailed soon: Haleem Adil

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and the leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the Sindh’s ‘VIPs’ will be jailed soon.

As per details, Haleem Adil Sheikh was the JPMC to the court of judicial magistrate 12 Malir in FIR 61/2021 Gadap police station case. The court expressed displeasure on the investigation officer of the case for not submitting the challan of the case and issued a show-cause notice to him. The court ordered IO to submit the challan on 24th March.

Outside the court talking to media, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that when seven votes of Hafiz Shiekh were rejected it was fine but now when seven votes of Gilani are rejected they are terming it illegal. He said no one can purchase everything with money.

Haleem Adil said some members did not give them the last day and it might be the reaction to the video of Nawaz Sharif. He said from Dawn Leaks to every case, Mariyam is being proved as a liar, who is now trying to defame national institution. He said the previous day her lackeys were saying that if something happened to her, they would raise slogans of Pakistan Na Khapi. He said these people of the speaking language of Nawaz Sharif and are traitors. He said however 22 crore people of Pakistan are patriots.

He said that we did not know that the thieves of Sindh would commit robbery in Islamabad. He said Imran Khan had asked for a secret vote. He said PDM is a gang of thieves. He said he had asked the police to keep ready more APC vehicles as many big VIPS of Sindh would go jail soon.

He said the crime of Sumair Sheikh was that he left the PPP to support the PTI and false cases were lodged against him. He said our 12 leaders were implicated in terrorism cases, but we have confidence in courts that will dole out justice. He said he is a soldier of Imran Khan and would continue to expose the corruption of the PPP.