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Ushna Shah becomes rich in her dreams, buys a lot of ‘Bitcoin’

LAHORE: Pakistani actress Ushna Shah, who raises awareness about prevalent problems in Pakistani society has dreamt of becoming the richest woman in the world by buying many bitcoins.

Taking to Twitter, the actress shared how last night she had dreamt of buying a lot of bitcoins while a bitcoin in Pakistani currency costs around Rs 9 million.

The value of bitcoin has been rising over time and the price of the virtual cryptocurrency bitcoin also reached an all-time high in January.

The value of the bitcoin two months ago was more than 33,258 US dollars, which is said to be the highest level in history, while today the value of a bitcoin has reached 56,912 US dollars.

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Earlier, Pakistani actress Ushna Shah had highlighted the discrimination people face based on skin tone. According to her, the Pakistanis should end their obsession with light skin tones.

Ushna Shah took to Instagram and shared a picture of Nyma Tang, a famous American beauty vlogger, and praised her for calling out brands that do not make products for people of colour.