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Patients blinded due to eye drops at hospital in Islamabad

Reaction of eye drop deprives many patients vision
ISLAMABAD: The Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital administration and the government are investigating the reason behind an incident in which a number of patients allegedly lost their vision after eye drops were delivered to them.
According to the reports, Some Patients who have undergone glaucoma operations have estimated that 80 patients have lost their eyesight. The hospital management stated that eight patients have declined after administration of drop condition whereas one woman has lost her eyesight.

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Manzoor Ahmed Kiani, 53 years old, who works as a sub-inspector in Bagh, Azad Kashmir, said he was operated for Glaucoma on Jan 8, Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that damage the optic nerve, which is essential to good eyesight.
He said, “During the treatment, eye drops were given to me, I don’t know what kind of impurity was in the eye drops because I had a serious infection and lost my vision, adding, the patient next to my bed had the same thing happened.”
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