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Rabid dog bites several people in Karachi, found dead

Rabid dog bit several people in Karachi, found dead
KARACHI: A rabid dog that had bitten over 20 people was found dead today on Tuesday morning.
According to sources, the rabid dog was identified by the residents of the neighborhood. Many people, suffering from rabies, were rushed to different hospitals. Sources further added that 12 cases were reported from Liaqatabad alone. Residents of the area were restricted to their homes because of the fear.
On the other hand, there were reports of the unavailability of an anti-rabies vaccine in the major hospitals. Families of patients had to purchase the vaccine from outside.
Commissioner of Karachi, Iftikhar Ali Shallwani said that “The anti-rabies vaccine has been given to Jinnah and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.”
The cases of rabid dogs came to attention when a minor boy was bitten by the dog and died, in Larkana because of the unavailability of the anti-rabies vaccine.
The citizens of the metropolis are urging authorities to initiate the drive and fix the issue of the stray dogs as it creates fear amongst the children and elders alike. Also, people are demanding a continuous supply of anti-rabies vaccination in the hospitals of Karachi to save precious lives. 
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