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PSX terror attack

The country has made huge strides in the war against terrorism, and despite the myriad of problems such as the economic and health crisis, there has been an overwhelming improvement in the law and order situation. There are sporadic incidents which attempt to sow discord and violate the peaceful environment in the country.
A similar incident occurred on Monday morning when the Pakistan Stock Exchange was rocked by a terror attack. Armed gunmen attempted to enter the main building of the stock exchange. This was followed by a grenade attack and indiscriminate firing in which two security guards were killed. Law-enforcement agencies particularly the police and Rangers swiftly moved to cordon the areas, carry out an operation and neutralise the terrorists within minutes.
Once again, we have been saved from a bigger disaster due to the efforts and sacrifices of our security forces. There were more than 2000 people inside the main building and the death toll could have been higher if terrorists had managed to make their way inside. An attack on PSX, the Wall Street of Pakistan, is a targeted attack on the state and the national solidarity and economy of the country.
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had already warned that Indian sleeper cells could strike in the country. This attack is a reminder sporadic miscreants have the ability to strike us and are attempting to make a resurgence. It is evident that rogue elements will take advantage of the situation but the nation should not worry due to the resolve of the security forces.
It is also interesting to note that trading was not halted at the stock exchange when the attack occurred. There was an immediate decline but then the stock market rebounded and surged throughout the remainder of the day. The resilience of the stock market is similar to the resolve of the nation and we always manage to get back on our feet when put down.
The PSX attack also comes as a warning that nefarious designs of terrorists and ant-state elements to spoil peace and the security situation will be foiled. We cannot allow the sacrifices of our security forces and thousands of civilians who have lost their lives in the war against terrorism to go in vain.
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