Should we worry now?

Albert Arooj Bhatti

Pakistan has been fighting for its survival since its independence. Problems are still mounting instead of ending. Pakistanis elected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf for the federal government after disappointing from PML-N and PPP. However, the ruling rulers are pushing the people into a quagmire of problems instead of changing their condition.
During his 22-year political struggle, Imran Khan remained in opposition and continued to provide useful advice to every government to get rid of the problems. However, after becoming Prime Minister nothing happened and problems still exist.
Corruption is the biggest obstacle to Pakistan’s development. Every government has ruthlessly plundered the country’s resources. Those who come to power by spending billions of rupees don’t care about the people.
After the formation of the PTI government, people were hoping that the financial bloodshed of the poor would probably stop, because PTI’s motive was accountability. And the party has also clarified its motive by holding every opponent accountably. But the involvement of PTI leaders or workers does not fall under the category of accountability.
Before taking power, Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the daily corruption count in Pakistan is around Rs 12 billion. Today PTI officials claimed that the corruption has been controlled. Previous governments did not inaugurate their projects properly, which is why the incumbent government had to waste its precious time on re-inaugurating old projects.
Apart from PTI, every political party is corrupt and every politician who comes to PTI is clean. After the formation of the PTI government, there was no major corruption in the country except for a few scandals and if something went wrong, our captain took immediate and drastic action to resolve the issue in such a way that the nation still is confused.
Pakistan is an agricultural country and wheat and sugar have been a headache for the government for many years. The wheat and sugar crisis arises every few months due to the monopoly of various politicians. The wheat and sugar crisis also erupted in early 2020 and the mafia created artificial shortages to increase the price of flour and sugar. But our captain exposed those responsible. It is a different debate that the price of flour and sugar hasn’t decrease yet.
Coronavirus pandemic has halted global business, resulting in a global oil crisis. The world was ready to provide free oil, but we did not take advantage. However, the PTI-led federal government reduced the price of petroleum products to provide relief to the people. Unfortunately, people didn’t get cheap petrol but the government is not responsible for it. Because the government’s job is just to make announcements, implementation or monitoring is not the government’s responsibility.
Our captain Imran took notice of the artificial shortage of petrol and also fined the oil companies. But cheap fuel was not in the destiny of the people and our captain solved the problem of the petrol shortage by increasing the price of petrol without waiting for the end of the month. It is a different debate that with this move the petroleum companies made billions of rupees in illicit profits but the people got petrol.
There is no doubt that our captain Imran Khan is ingenious and Alhamdulillah the talented federal ministers are doing their job well by praising Imran Khan on every occasion. As long as our Captain is in power, Pakistanis ‘Apnay Ghabrana Nhi Hai’ (you shouldn’t panic). Because whatever the crisis is, my captain has the ability to solve it quickly.
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