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Pilot refutes relation with co-pilot involved in fake licences

KARACHI: Pilot Shumaila Mazhar has turned down rumors that she is the sister of pilot Maryam Masood who was named among those holding a fake license.
The license scandal that recently surfaced affected a large number of pilots as several airlines in Pakistan stepped forward and started to cancel the license of many pilots. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has grounded 150 pilots over claims they may not hold a valid license.
To this, PIA pilot Shumaila Mazhar, who was photographed alongside Captain Maryam Masood spoke up against rumors wrongly attributing her as the other sister.

She explained that she and captain Maryam are not sisters and she is being wrongly targeted. According to her, Captain Maryam has been her captain on a flight and there’s nothing more to it.
She also clarified that her name is not included in any of the lists that reveal the names of the fake license holders. She also mentioned that she has been subjected to severe mental trauma because of the false news and she really wasn’t able to deal with the hate.
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