Pakistan embassy taking measures over coronavirus outbreak in Iran

ISLAMABAD: The Embassy of Pakistan in Tehran has released a statement that it is actively monitoring the situation in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Iran.
The virus which originated in Wuhan city of China has reportedly spread in different parts of Iran with its epicenter in the city of Qom, a religious site frequented by tourists and other visitors.
The government is working in close collaboration with the Iranian government to curb the spread of the virus. The Pakistani Embassy and its submissions in Mashhad and Zahedan would continue its outreach with community members.
The embassy urged religious visitors (Zaireen), students, and all Pakistani nationals traveling or studying in Iran particularly those who are residing in Qom are advised to take utmost precaution and adopt safety measures as prescribed by the World Health Organisation and the Iranian authorities to stay safe from the coronavirus disease.
Iranian authorities have designated hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus in every major city. In case of any suspicion of contracting the disease or development of any symptoms such as severe cough, sneezing, fever, etc. The embassy advised to visit hospitals designated for coronavirus testing and cooperate with local health authorities. The embassy also advised to avoid unnecessary social media hype and ignore unconfirmed news.
The latest reports suggest that the symptoms of virus may appear from 14-24 days in a person affected by the virus. Pakistani citizens are advised to avoid traveling to Qom and areas currently experiencing cases of coronavirus. In case if any Pakistan citizen is tested positive, they should immediately inform the embassy on hotline numbers.
The Embassy has established the following dedicated helplines in Tehran regarding coronavirus:  +98-910-7659395, +98-9107648296, +98-910-7648301, and +98-910-7648298. The hotline in Mashad consulate are 0098 – 901 650 5397, 0098 – 939 941 7558, 0098 – 939 778 0488, and 0098 – 513 222 9845. For Zahedan consulate, the COVID19 h otlines follow: 0098 – 938 474 1755, 0098 – 905 461 6642, and 0098 – 543 322 3389.
The Iranian health ministry confirmed on Monday that 12 people from the city of Qom have died from the novel coronavirus — the highest number outside of China. According to the health ministry, total infections have risen to 61 while death toll rose to 12. Meanwhile a lawmaker, Qom representative has refuted the numbers, claiming that at least 50 people have died so far.
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