Pakistan reports 624 new coronavirus cases

ISLAMABAD: At least twelve more deaths have been reported from coronavirus in Pakistan and the total number of deaths due to the epidemic has reached 6,535. According to figures released by the National Command and Operations Center, 624 new cases

Coronavirus death toll in Pakistan crosses 5,800 mark

KARACHI: The coronavirus cases in Pakistan are now above 275,000, while the number of casualties has passed 5,800. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has surged to 275,225 in the country, while the death toll stands at 5,865. As per

COVID-19 may cause problems linked with brain

LONDON: A new research has stated that COVID-19 may create complications in the brain that can lead to delirium, nerve damage, and stroke. Severe COVID-19 infections are known to put patients at risk of neurological complications, but research led by

ADB approves $300 million loan for COVID-19 relief

ISLAMABAD: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $300 million emergency assistance loan to strengthen Pakistan’s public health response to the coronavirus pandemic and help meet the basic needs of vulnerable and poor segments of society. The project will

Pakistan embassy taking measures over coronavirus outbreak in Iran

ISLAMABAD: The Embassy of Pakistan in Tehran has released a statement that it is actively monitoring the situation in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Iran. The virus which originated in Wuhan city of China has reportedly spread