Over 2,000 coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: At least 2,050 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Pakistan, and the total number of infected people has reached 361,082.

According to the National Command and Operations Center, 33 deaths have been reported from coronavirus in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 7,193.

In Pakistan, 324,834 patients have recovered and 2,955 are undergoing treatment. The number of coronavirus cases in Azad Kashmir is 5,538 and 1,336 patients are undergoing treatment there.

The number of coronavirus cases in Islamabad is 24,444 and 260 deaths. There are 3,686 coronavirus patients under treatment in Islamabad.

The number of coronavirus cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is 42,615 and 1,315 people have lost their lives. In Sindh, 156,528 coronavirus cases and 2,751 deaths have been reported.

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The number of patients undergoing treatment in Sindh has reached 10,525. There are 111,047 coronavirus cases and 2,492 deaths in Punjab.

According to the National Command and Operations Center, 16,449 people have been affected and 156 have lost their lives in Balochistan. In Gilgit-Baltistan, 4,416 cases of coronavirus and 93 deaths have been reported.

The second wave of coronavirus has started in Pakistan. To deal with the second wave, SOPs will have to be strictly adhered to. According to the NCOC, coronavirus is spreading in 15 cities across the country. 80  percent of coronavirus cases in Pakistan were reported from eleven major cities.

Provincial governments have been directed to make SOPs and masks mandatory in markets, shopping malls, public transport, restaurants. Citizens are advised to wear masks when leaving their homes. Masks will be required for those working in government and private sector offices.

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