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Nida Yasir receives backlash after interviewing Marwah’s parents

Nida Yasir’s show clips were also shared on different other social media (Online)

KARACHI: Renowned social media influencer Waqar Zaka has reacted to the top trend against TV host Nida Yasir for questioning the parents of Marwah, who was kidnapped, raped, and burnt.

Taking Twitter, Waqar Zaka while notifying legal ways to complain against Nida Yasir said that social media users are helping Nida instead of banning her private TV show as by making her the top trend on Twitter is doing nothing but increasing her Morning show’s ratings.

Waqar Zaka explained that if people really want to ban Nida Yasir, complain PEMRA about it instead of verbally abusing her. He also shared a short video in which he explained how Nida Yasir could be banned by the authority.

Nida recently invited the family of Marwah, a 5-year-old who was kidnapped and raped and burned to death in Karachi. Nida started questioning her family about the whole incident, about Marwah. She also stated that the possibility of any eye-witnesses coming forward also increases when the details of the incident are brought to public attention.

Owing to the extremely sensitive nature of the issue, the segments and the episode received backlash on social media for emotionally abusing the sentiments of Marwah’s family. However, upon receiving reaction, Nida replied to a few public comments on Instagram stating that such antics do not increase the TRPs of the show rather it helps them spreading awareness about such social issues.

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