Nation’s daughter

Hafeez Khattak

The writer is a senior journalist and columnist.

In order to win a Test match, the side bowling last must take all 10 of the opposition’s wickets, otherwise the match will be drawn, regardless of the scores because the batting side’s innings is not complete.

In order for the side batting last, to win a Test match, they must score more runs than the combined score from their opponents two completed innings, regardless of the number of wickets taken. If we look at the history of cricket, there are countless matches of this nature. Although the number of people, who watch Test cricket, is decreasing now as compared to the past, it is a fact that in the past Test matches were watched and liked more than one-day matches.

If we talk about the current situation, the situation has not changed completely, but it is definitely moving towards change. The number of Test matches is declining, the one-day matches are still getting less attention and interest from the spectators. The fans now love short cricket and are now enjoying T20 cricket immensely.

This is not only the case with the game of cricket but the situation is evolving in almost every game. In sports, the focus is shifting and the move is having a negative impact. There is a dearth of people who feel these effects, but this point has been repeatedly raised by those who have feelings that keep the playing field away from politics and interests.

Leave the spots alone and don’t let the game, which is an effective weapon from a mental and physical point of view, be turned to interest instead of taking advantage. Despite this, the negative activities of such efforts are on the rise and are progressing rapidly.

It would be a waste of words and time to say and write, but it would not be a problem if the playgrounds, the commentary, experts, and analysts should keep the interests and elements of politics away from the playground, if they do. Doing so will have a positive effect on society and not doing so will have a negative effect.

All of the above backgrounds are based on the US presidential election. The presidential election in the United States is a unique election process of its kind, with only two parties participating in the process and the presidential candidates of both parties goes away from the screen before the election.

Every incoming US president fulfills his responsibilities responsibly, obeying the orders of the perceived institutions of the state, fulfilling what he is told to do. He does not feel the need to back down and refuse, nor does he do anything that he later regrets.

Donald Trump has completed his presidency and now that the election process is in full swing. Before him, Barack Obama was the US President, all have followed the same path and will continue to do so. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been a successful cricketer in the past as well as a successful captain and in the same way he has established a cancer hospital in the name of his mother and is also running it in the best way.

Not only are the people of the country satisfied with the performance of this hospital but also the rulers and people globally like this performance of the Prime Minister with confidence. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan, there is no Test match or one-day match in this country, whatever match is held here has result.

There are still emotions and feelings in the country of Pakistan and these feelings and emotions are not only for our dear homeland but also for the people of the world. Wherever human rights are violated, no voice is raised. But our country raised its voices against this oppression, and also protests in the form of practical demonstrations.

The Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan, I would like to remind you that previous leaders promised to bring Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a daughter of the nation, home in a dignified manner. That promise was not fulfilled.

Prime Minister and President, the presidential spectacle in America has come to an end. The current US president is going to the pavilion after completing his presidential innings, but Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is still imprisoned.

What are her conditions? Neither his sister Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui, nor his mother Ismat Siddiqui, nor his daughter Maryam nor his son Ahmed know about it. As the head of the country, your innings is underway. As an individual of this proud nation, not only this, this whole nation appeals to you and this appeal is emotionally similar to the appeal you did in bowling.

You should take step to bring back the daughter of the nation before the end of your innings. Donald Trump is leaving, now after the election, Trump comes again or the new president, in both cases your innings continues and Dr. Aafia has to be brought to the nation’s pavilion.

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