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Nation’s daughter

In order to win a Test match, the side bowling last must take all 10 of the opposition’s wickets, otherwise the match will be drawn, regardless of the scores because the batting side’s innings is not complete. In order for

Are we really free?

Are we free? What is freedom? As women, we often ask ourselves this question? If not then how can women become free? The concept of freedom varies for every person. Some women are satisfied with the amount the independence she

The mystery in Kemari

The Kemari peninsula is located on the eastern side of Karachi port. Forensic experts at Karachi University have claimed that a sea vessel docked at the Keamari port on February 16 containing soybeans. A mysterious toxic gas emitted from the


Let me first confess that I have not watched a single episode of the much-hyped drama ‘Meray Pass Tum Ho’. I hope that I will be accepted as a member of this society. I also confess that I have hardly

Working women and society

Why is our society so narrow-minded? Rather than appreciating someone’s efforts, why do we consider it necessary to demoralize them? Has our religion not given fundamental rights to women? Then why does our society not realize that some women are