During the declaration of war, one of the most serious measures is the imposition of a complete or partial lockdown. As the world is now at war with the coronavirus, many countries are imposing unprecedented lockdown to suppress the virus.
European nations are scrambling to extend lockdown, while many US states are taking similar measures. Italy will extend the 15-day lockdown imposed on March 12. The number of deaths there is expected to even overtake China and military are seen carrying bodies for burial. France will also extend its lockdown, whereas Belgium, Netherlands, and Czech Republic have already imposed similar measures.
In USA, many states are taking drastic measures against the spread of coronavirus as the country marked the grim landmark of 200 deaths. California imposed a complete lockdown for forty million residents urging them to stay at home, while the state of Pennsylvania ordered all non-essential businesses to shut down. The global city of New York is also expected to go in lockdown.
The UK has not imposed any lockdown but schools are closed. The British government is now considering to lockdown London. The megacity has imposed travel restriction but more stringent measures are being considered. As the worse is yet to come, there is no time to waste. The worst affected nations need to take similar measures if this deadly virus has to be defeated.
Pakistani authorities are hesitant to take similar measures, claiming that the situation has not reached that stage. The economic effects on the lowest segments of society are a major concern. The prime minister said the nation can afford a complete lockdown as it is a poor country. The situation has changed in just a few days since his brief national address and the decision should be revisited.
Pakistan had reported at least 475 cases of Covid-19 and three deaths. The numbers could spike in a few days and the health system will be overwhelmed. Karachi has faced the brunt of the pandemic and requires measures on a war footing. Despite the adverse consequences, it seems that the nation is moving towards an eventual lockdown.
The prime minister should realise that health and safety measures are more important than economic gains. He has urged not to panic but this is exactly the time to be worried as we are battling a hidden common enemy. This is not the time for criticism or politicking either but rather unity and taking the right decisions.
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