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IoK has become issue of humanity, says PM

MUZAFFARABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan who held a rally in Azad Jammu and Kashmir to show solidarity with Kashmiris said that Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) has become an issue of humanity.
Speaking to a crowd of around three thousand supporters at a rally in Muzaffarabad, Imran Khan said that Kashmir issue was a humanitarian crisis as a result of illegal acts taken by the Indian government.
The prime minister while criticising the Indian government said that he has decided to become an ambassador of Kashmir to present the case in the world.
The prime minister said that he would raise the voice of Kashmir at all the international forums, including the UN General Assembly as an ambassador of Kashmiris, adding that the atrocities being committed by the Indian forces against Kashmiris would lead to extremism.
He said that the people of IoK, including women, children, and the elderly, have been living under constant curfew for the last 40 days.
Imran Khan said that the extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has oppressed innocent Kashmiris, adding that he would tell the world about the reality of the extremist RSS.
He said, “We all should know that Modi has been a member of the RSS since he was a child. It is a Hindu extremist group and they hate Muslims, Christians, and all minorities.”
He further said, “They are walking the same path as Hitler’s Nazi party, which committed atrocities against minority groups. Since RSS was formed, they have wanted an ethnic cleansing of Muslims, i.e., to rid India of Muslims and this is all in accordance with their plan.”
He further added that the entire Muslim world of 125 crores would stand up for the Muslims of Kashmir. They might not have been speaking out openly against India for some compulsions. By detaining thousands of people, the Indian government was pushing people into extremism.
The prime minister said that US Senators had also written a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to intervene in the Kashmir situation.
The prime minister said that there would be a strong reaction to the atrocities being committed by the Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir.
He warned India to refrain from any eventuality as Pakistan would give a befitting response to any misadventure.
The prime minister earlier on Wednesday announced to visit Muzaffarabad to send a message to the world about the continuing siege of occupied Kashmir by Indian forces and to show the Kashmiris that Pakistan would stand resolutely with them.
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