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‘I will wear what I want to. Nobody will define my masculinity’: Ali Gul Pir replies to haters

Although Ali doesn’t reply to the hate comments, he decided to hit back at trolls this time (Online)

Famous comedian Ali Gul Pir has recently clapped back at trolls unnecessarily dictating his creativity and made it clear that he will wear what he wants as ‘nobody his define my masculinity’.

The comedian took to Twitter and wrote that he will wear what he wants to and nobody will define his masculinity or dictate his creativity. “Don’t hate me because I make you feel insecure,” tweeted Ali Gul sarcastically.

His tweet was a reply to one of the trollers who posted Gul’s picture in which he has recreated one of the Gala’s costumes. In his tweet, the netizen wrote, ‘Heard Ali Gul Pir was not able to attend the court hearing because he couldn’t find his dupatta.’

Ali Gul Pir is a king of satire, who introduced Pakistanis to the art of sarcasm, satirical music, and rap culture. He is indeed packed with unique concepts and hilarious punch lines, his songs are different from the kind of music Pakistanis are accustomed to.

Earlier, the 35 years old also made content on the viral video of a woman who lashes out at the restaurant staff while asking about her vaccination card in Karachi.