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Kareena Kapoor falls prey to body-shaming for her post-pregnancy look

source: online

Netizens have slammed Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor for flaunting her post- pregnancy look at Lakme Style Awards 2021.

Heroine’ actress walking on the ramp as showstopper was not digested by netizens as she was flaunting her post- pregnancy look at the Lakme Award Show 2021. The actress was dressed in a white body gown strapped around herself. Kareena has never shied away from flaunting at the ramp whether with her baby bump or post-delivery bump, but netizens couldn’t absorb that.

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However one of the twitter users while criticizing the B-town star for her look at show wrote, “Seems like plastic surgery gone wrong this time”. Though another one wrote, “She looks awful. She was lot better earlier. Just my opinion. Not want to offend someone”.

source: online
source: online

Meanwhile, society can never understand the pain or changes a woman goes through her pregnancy period and criticizing a soul for her natural and uncontrollable changes is a dearth of humanity we can see today.