Global coronavirus cases exceed 30 million

WASHINGTON: The coronavirus has killed 950,555 people worldwide and affected 30,351,589.

As per details, 22,041,314 people infected with the coronavirus have recovered and the number of active cases has come down to 7,359,720. The United States ranks first among countries infected with the coronavirus, with 22,213 people dying and more than 6,874,000 diagnosed with the virus.

India ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus cases. The total number in India has increased to 5.212 million. The total death toll from Corona has risen to 84,404.

Brazil is the third most affected country in the world, with 4,457,000 people affected and 135,031 deaths.

Russia ranks fourth among countries infected with the coronavirus, with more than 1,085,000 people infected with the coronavirus and a total death toll of 19,061.

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In Peru, more than 744,000 people have been affected, while 31,051 people have lost their lives. Colombia ranks sixth among countries infected with the coronavirus, with 23,665 deaths and more than 743,000 reported cases.

The death toll from Corona in South Africa has risen to 15,772, with more than 655,000 people affected. In Mexico, more than 684,000 people were affected and 72,179 died.

The first case of coronavirus was reported on 17th November 2019 in China, and on 6th March, the number of cases worldwide exceeded one million. 

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