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Floods’ havoc, where are the concerned bodies?

Insyat Shamsi

The writer is a senior journalist and author.

Pakistan is geographically part of the region blessed by nature with moderate climatic conditions. All four seasons come and go in their time and order with moderation. Summer, winter, spring, and autumn have their own natural advantages and disadvantages and this process continues without any major change for long.

There is no doubt that the world is under the influence of global warming and climate change due to the negative effects of industrial development.  Though Pakistan is not a major industrial production country, being a country with a large population, it is involved in a wide range of industrial activities in view of the large-scale needs of the population. Unfortunately, due to the unsatisfactory implementation of necessary precautions and industrial safety laws, the negative environmental effects of industrial activities are on the rise here, so like other countries in the world, the problems associated with global warming are occurring here as well.

July and August are traditionally known as Monsoon and rainy months in Pakistan, during these two months rains are expected everywhere from north to south and from hilly areas to plains. Rains are a precious gift of nature. Pakistan is also among the temperate and fortunate countries of the world in terms of rains, but at the same time, there is a great misfortune associated with the rains because of the absence of the ability to take benefit of the rains. Due to this inefficiency, Pakistan is forced to wastewater worth trillions of rupees every year.

There are many methods of storing and utilizing rainwater in the world, unfortunately in Pakistan, except for a few inadequate dams, there is no proper rainwater gathering system. Lacking a large number of dams and other means of storing water, not only Pakistan’s vast land remains barren, but floods also cause widespread destruction every year.

This time, after a gap of many years, stormy rains are continuing across the country once again. The entire month of July passed with torrential rains and people struggling with floods. It is now August and another stormy rain system is on the way. The seasonal rains so far have badly exposed our country’s management systems. It has become clear that from NDMA and PDMA to civic and local bodies whose job is to minimize the damage by prompt response to rains and natural calamities, all these institutions are nothing but a burden on the nation. It is a pity that none of these institutions seem to be working in a proper way despite consuming huge budgets.

The devastation caused by the recent rains, especially in Balochistan, has put the entire nation at concern. It seems that this nation is a helpless nation. Any minor accident leaves behind a whole story of huge destruction and the government machinery comes into motion only when the voice is raised on social media. This is a very sad situation, there is a need for making the relevant governmental bodies work automatically and promptly in case of any natural disaster.

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