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Director exposes ghost employees in DMC Malir Taxation Dept

KARACHI: Taxation Director in the District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Malir has exposed the presence of ghost and absent employees and the embezzlement of salaries.

In this regard, Director Taxation Department DMC Malir has written a letter dated October 23 to the Administrator DMC Malir about the presence of ghost and absent employees who continue to receive salaries.

The incumbent director assumed position on October 1. He said there are 77 employees in the Taxation Department DMC, however, it has been noticed that most of them except 10-15 are seen in the office ever since he took charge but continue to receive salaries.

The director said that he did not sign salary bills of the Taxation Department for the month of September and had instructed Assistant Director Rehmatullah Awan to call the employees for physical verification. The officer did not turn up and has not followed the directives.

The director expressed shock that salaries were issued bypassing him being the head of the department which is unfortunate and caused heavy losses to the exchequer.

He said the salary bills were signed by another person who was not the competent authority, making it “crystal clear that huge amount is being taken as bribe by these employees.”

The director requested the administrator to order an inquiry and take strict action against the officials involved in the scam and embezzlement of salaries.