CSS aspirant girl commits suicide in Lahore

The preliminary police inquiries declared it a suicide incident.

LAHORE: The body of a young girl was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her rented house in Lahore’s Nawab Town area under mysterious circumstances, a police spokesperson said on Friday.

According to details, the 25-year-old girl, a resident of Lahore, had come to Lahore to prepare for the CSS exam and was living alone. The preliminary police inquiries declared it a suicide incident.

The police spokesperson has informed that a suicide note dated July 13 written by the girl was found in the room where her body was found hanging from a fan.

In her suicide note, the girl wrote that she was ending her life and that her existence was nothing but a burden and failure. The letter stated she was ending her life for failure in the CSS exams in two attempts, fearing that she would fail in her third attempt too.

“It seemed the girl was depressed because of her failure to pass the exams as well as the financial problems her parents were facing”, the police official said, adding that the deceased had mentioned that her poor parents were struggling to manage expenses for her education and she was unable to fulfill their dreams.

According to the police, a forensic team has collected samples from the victim’s flat. Her family has refused to have an autopsy conducted. The Punjab inspector-general has taken notice of the incident and ordered a report from the CCPO.

The Central Superior Service exam is conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad for recruitment into the federal government. The demanding exam has often been heavily criticised for its poor passing percentage ratio seen for years.

In another incident, the police found a young girl unconscious on Davies Road. When she regained senses, the girl narrated a story to the police saying she was a resident of Karachi and didn’t know how she reached Lahore.

Police obtained from her cell phone the number of her family and contacted it. The parents of the girl said they were residents of Lahore and that she had left home without informing them.