CPEC – where East meets West

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

Politicians should realize that any anti-state agenda will divide us even further and create hatred among people. They should refrain from lashing out the esteemed armed forces who have rendered immense sacrifices and are held in high regard by the people of Pakistan.

In the past, we spoke about the development of the country collectively but now we have been divided into political parties –PTI, PPP, PML-N, MQM and so on. For the past several decades, these parties have promised to eradicate poverty and bring development but none of them proposed any solution or taken credible steps.

The PTI was brought in to change the system as people were fed up with other political parties who took turns in power and made lofty claims and fake promises. When PTI was elected to power, other parties saw it as a perpetual threat and make all efforts to create obstacles in its path from bringing any changes.

These parties started working on an anti-state agenda and spread rumours that the government was brought it by the establishment. This was the worst thing which could have happened. This was exploited by our enemies and the hyper-sensationalist Indian media in connivance with several local journalists started vilifying our armed and attempted to destroy our economy.

The truth is that Pakistan’s economy has been working towards progress as we are the major players of CPEC – China’s shortest access to markets in Central Asia, Europe and beyond. Pakistan is working to develop its economy but we need to remain cautious and maintain stability. We also need to be wary of any conspiracy to sabotage CPEC and the development of the nation.

Our enemies are attempting to destabilize our economy by supporting a small lobby working against CPEC. There are attempts to weaken the armed forces of Pakistan who will not let them succeed in their nefarious designs and crush all conspiracies within and outside the country. 

They realise that Pakistan’s prosperity is linked with CPEC and are attempting to make the mega-project controversial. These anti-state lobbies claim that Pakistan has sold itself to the Chinese and United States promises better investment opportunities. The US is the land of opportunities and offers citizenship. The US became a superpower as global finances and trade pass through them.

We are living in a fool’s paradise believing Pakistan can become a superpower on its own.

This requires the flow of money from around the world. CPEC is the route which will bring Chinese products and technology sought around the world and they will flow through us. CPEC will unite the East and West and Pakistan will be at the centre of it.

The rise of the UAE was due to its attempt to connect the East and West and Pakistan is the only country which can take this spot. The Emirates saw immense wealth and prosperity but we need to seize the opportunity and utilize our resources by attracting investments. The development of CPEC will usher in a new era of prosperity in our country.

We should not be part of the anti-state propaganda which will weaken our nation. We need positive minds with critical thinking rather than spreading baseless rumours. The government and opposition should work together for development rather than fighting on who should remain in power. The main focus on negotiating with the investors or else we will fall behind and others will take advantage of us.

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