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Coke Studio releases special song to commemorate Pakistan Day

Coke Studio has released a new track named ‘Ao Ehad Karain’ to commemorate Pakistan Resolution Day.

According to a press release, the song has been envisioned in collaboration with Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and begins on an introspective note with Wattan ki Mitti, Gawah Rehna in the voices of Saadat Shafqat, son of legendary singer Shafqat Amanat Ali, and Zaw Ali, daughter of iconic singer Sajjad Ali.

The track has been produced by Ali Hamza and features a diverse set of musicians from different genres including the Army Brass Band of Pakistan to reinvent the legendary national songs of Pakistan.

“It’s a grand multi-city, multi-producer, 75 artists on board kind of a product and it’s been a 4-month long labour of love putting it together,” said Hamza. The verses are followed by a unique recitation of Sir Allama Iqbal’s poetry done by Ali Hamza.

Talking about the track Hamza, in a statement, said: “Ao Ehad Karain is a journey through time and emotion. It starts introspectively, looking back in time to when the Pakistan Resolution was passed on March 23, 1940.”

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“It then moves through ups and downs, like history has and life does: questions, conflicts, resolutions, awakening, rejuvenation and then celebrates a new beginning at the turn of a new decade – 2021,” adds the singer. 

A freshly released Urdu anthem is sung by various artists. Ahsan Parvez Mehdi, Kami Paul and Rakae Jamil directed the music for Ao Ehad Karain. The lyricist Jamiluddin Aali, Masroor Anwar, Mehshar Badayuni, Tufail Hushyarpuri drafted the trendy lyrics of the Urdu song.