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Celebrities slam those concerned about Mahira Khan not wearing a ‘dupatta’

After Yasir Hussain, celebrities like comedian turned actor Ahmed Ali Butt and Mathira have just come forward and slammed all those criticising Mahira Khan for attending a protest without wearing a dupatta.

The comedian took to the Instagram story and schooled social media users who are particularly more concerned about Mahira Khan not wearing a dupatta rather than appreciating her taking part in a protest to support Palestine.According to him, for those who cannot see a dupatta, how would they make sense to anything. ‘Shame’ is in the eye of a beholder than in the clothing of others,” Butt wrote.

Many social media users appreciated Ahmed Ali Butt’s stance, one of them was actress Zhalay Sarhadi, who while appreciating the comedian’s post wrote, “Jabhi you koi masla solve nahin hota! Log mostly fazool baton pay focus kartat hain!”

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According to the actress, criticising someone on their appearance or what they wear entirely ignores the main focus of the central plot.

Moreover, Mathira also emphasized that ‘purdah’ has to be in the eyes of the beholder than in the clothing of others. “Why are you even looking there?” she said. “Before you judge someone please look in the mirror and fix yourself first.”Wearing a monochrome kurta, Mahira khan along with other celebrities gathered in a protest being held in Karachi to express solidarity with the people of Palestine. The social media users instead of highlighting the Palestine issue or appreciating the actress for her act decided to mock her over her attire.