Muhammad Tariq Khan

Muhammad Tariq Khan

The Writer is journalist and Lecturer at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law.

Dual personality

One of Umer Shareef’s stage dramas became extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. In one of its episodes, Umer Shareef played a double role. His famous dialogue was, “Dude a weird thing happened yesterday. I was walking out of the

Nadeem Babar’s controversy

In January 2021, Pakistan generated 1,020 GWh of electricity from furnace oil and diesel, while 960 GWh from LNG. Power generation from LNG costs Rs8 per unit, while furnace oil costs Rs14 and diesel Rs19. At that time Pakistan not

A change on world map

A part of the narrow strip of territory in northeastern Afghanistan, that separates Tajikistan from Pakistan, has suddenly disappeared. This Afghan territory between Pakistan and Tajikistan has been either annexed to Pakistan or Tajikistan. With the independence of Pakistan in

Killer Coronavirus Protocol

My relative suffered a cardiac arrest in the afternoon on April 14 at 3.15 PM at his residence in DHA. He was quickly taken to the nearest hospital, regarded as one of the best private hospitals in the city. He

Finally the truth is out

I have been saying this for the past five years that Jehangir Tareen and others surrounding Imran Khan are corrupt, but some people fiercely defended them Even Imran Khan defended them on every forum, despite Supreme Court declaring Tareen as

The mystery in Kemari

The Kemari peninsula is located on the eastern side of Karachi port. Forensic experts at Karachi University have claimed that a sea vessel docked at the Keamari port on February 16 containing soybeans. A mysterious toxic gas emitted from the