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Muhammad Tariq Khan

Muhammad Tariq Khan

The Writer is journalist and Lecturer at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law.

The real story of Toshakhana

When Imran Khan was in the opposition, he used to say that it was wrong to take gifts from the Toshakhana at a discounted price, but he also used to give lectures on the inquiry against Israeli PM for taking

Presidential system

The social and political circles of Pakistan have been echoing the presidential system for some time now. It is our misfortune that we, as a nation, are not accustomed to far-sighted planning and decision-making in the national interest as a

Is Texas synagogue attack a conspiracy against Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s release?

A gunman has been killed after a four-year-old boy was taken hostage in a Texas synagogue. US forces fought a 10-hour nerve-wracking battle against the gunman. The British news agency has claimed that the gunman had demanded the release of

What is happening in violence-hit Kazakhstan?

Four-day protests have been held in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nursultan, and its largest cities over spiking fuel prices. There have been reports of several deaths and injuries and severe damage to property during the violent protests. Workers at the Kazakh China

Is Sehat Insaf card a blessing or scam?

Instead of learning from the bitter experiences of others, we end up making the same mistakes and fall into the same pit in which someone else has fallen before our eyes. I have written in detail a few years ago

Islamic Republic or secular Pakistan?

Yesterday, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry, in one of his speeches, made some remarks regarding Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the establishment of Pakistan, Islam and secularism. Left-wing pioneers and prominent intellectuals Mubarak Ali, Mubashir Hassan and Pervez

Pakistan: Financially and morally bankrupt

You may have heard that some doctors nationally or internationally use music or recitation of Qur’an to treat their patients. This method of treating with sounds is nothing new. Traditional healers of ancient times were aware of sound effects and

Public transport woes

A statement from the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia said that Atlas Honda, a Pakistani motorcycle manufacturer, sold a total of 128,503 motorcycles in November 2021, which is a new record. Shehbaz Gill is counted among the

PTI’s performance

In three years, the PTI government has tackled “11 billion annually in corruption and 10 billion in money laundering, and made all major Pakistani enterprises – PIA, Steel Mills, Railways, Postal, PTV, Utility Stores, profitable by eliminating hundreds of billions

Raisi’s win

Pakistan’s geographical location has been of great importance since time immemorial. Even when it was known as the land of Sindh, it was culturally, socially and politically separate from Hind. With the advent of Islam in the Arabian desert, Muslims

Chinese search for alternatives

We have written several times how China’s Belt and Road initiative, a mega-project gain access the Arabian Sea via Pakistan, has slowed down after the current government came to power and China is now seeking alternatives to routes which were

Dual personality

One of Umer Shareef’s stage dramas became extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. In one of its episodes, Umer Shareef played a double role. His famous dialogue was, “Dude a weird thing happened yesterday. I was walking out of the

Nadeem Babar’s controversy

In January 2021, Pakistan generated 1,020 GWh of electricity from furnace oil and diesel, while 960 GWh from LNG. Power generation from LNG costs Rs8 per unit, while furnace oil costs Rs14 and diesel Rs19. At that time Pakistan not

A change on world map

A part of the narrow strip of territory in northeastern Afghanistan, that separates Tajikistan from Pakistan, has suddenly disappeared. This Afghan territory between Pakistan and Tajikistan has been either annexed to Pakistan or Tajikistan. With the independence of Pakistan in

Killer Coronavirus Protocol

My relative suffered a cardiac arrest in the afternoon on April 14 at 3.15 PM at his residence in DHA. He was quickly taken to the nearest hospital, regarded as one of the best private hospitals in the city. He

Finally the truth is out

I have been saying this for the past five years that Jehangir Tareen and others surrounding Imran Khan are corrupt, but some people fiercely defended them Even Imran Khan defended them on every forum, despite Supreme Court declaring Tareen as

The mystery in Kemari

The Kemari peninsula is located on the eastern side of Karachi port. Forensic experts at Karachi University have claimed that a sea vessel docked at the Keamari port on February 16 containing soybeans. A mysterious toxic gas emitted from the