What is happening in violence-hit Kazakhstan?

The city of Almaty is under the control of protesters, who have entered the mayor's office (Photo Online)

Four-day protests have been held in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nursultan, and its largest cities over spiking fuel prices.

There have been reports of several deaths and injuries and severe damage to property during the violent protests. Workers at the Kazakh China Petroleum Production Company have also announced support for the strike and protesters, while Russia has sent troops to Kazakhstan.

According to the latest news, the city of Almaty is completely under the control of the protesters, the protesters have entered the mayor’s office and the protests have spread to the eastern parts of the country. In many places, protesters have repeated the police and the army, the viral media can be seen in a video that public crowds are surrounded by military soldiers and arresting.

In this context, Kazakhstan’s President Qasim Jamrat Tokayev has dismissed the cabinet and declared a state of emergency in the country for two weeks. According to the latest reports, the Internet in Kazakhstan has been completely shut down, according to government sources and protesters have been arrested.

Protests against the continued rise in LPG prices began four days ago in the oil-rich town of Zana Ozan in the oil-rich province of Mangstaw and spread across the country. I have announced a 50% reduction, but the intensity of the protests has not decreased.

For three decades after independence, Kazakhstan has been completely monopolized by Nursultan Nazarbayev and a small number of corrupt elites.

It is widely believed that Kazakhstan’s ruling class has amassed billions of dollars in black money and property through the relentless plunder of the resources of the largest country in Western Europe, spread over 2.8 million square miles, rich in natural resources.

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world by area, with a total population of 19 million, and a per capita income of approximately US 3,250. Pakistan’s per capita income is estimated at US 600.

Kazakhstan’s long-ruling dictatorial government has banned the expression of public sentiment, political opponents and demonstrations have been severely cracked down on, and Kazakhstani iron man Nursultan Nazarbayev has been accused of forcibly silencing opponents. Kazakhstan ranks among the lowest ranking countries in terms of human rights and freedom of expression, but the contradiction is that Kazakhstan is also a member of the UN Commission on Human Rights.

Over the past 30 years, Kazakhstan has had a seemingly calm and stable government, which is why many countries, including China, have invested billions of dollars in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry. Russia’s influence in the country is diminishing while China’s influence is growing.

The United States also wants to send a message to Russia by creating instability in Central Asia to block China’s passage and prevent Russia from launching any aggression on Ukraine. However, it is traditional Russian propaganda that blames the United States and Western Europe for all the problems that have arisen in their former states.

In general, after Sultan Nazarbayev, the control of the elite overpower has weakened and the people have decided to settle the next and last reckoning. It’s too early.

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