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PTI’s performance

Muhammad Tariq Khan

The Writer is journalist and Lecturer at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law.

In three years, the PTI government has tackled “11 billion annually in corruption and 10 billion in money laundering, and made all major Pakistani enterprises – PIA, Steel Mills, Railways, Postal, PTV, Utility Stores, profitable by eliminating hundreds of billions of dollars in annual deficits.”

Not only that, but the government “adopted simplicity. The Prime Minister himself does not live in the PM’s House, hasn’t set up camp offices, hasn’t even given biscuits to the guests, bears the expenses of Bani Gala himself, and honestly submits gifts to the treasury.”

Furthermore, “Domestic exports reached an all-time high, imports were curtailed to a low level, foreign direct investment increased hundreds of times, foreign companies of vehicles, computer and mobile set up manufacturing factories in Pakistan.”

Beyond that, the government revolutionized the agricultural sector; the farmer has prospered, bought LNG in cheap prices and above all overseas Pakistanis send more than 24 billion in remittances annually, expressing confidence in Khan. Thus all the records of 70 years of development in Pakistan were broken but what happened?

According to official and international reports, poverty has doubled, unemployment has risen, the number of people leaving the country in search of employment has increased, the number of people receiving zakat has tripled, the trade deficit has widened, the gross national product has shrunk and Per capita income decreased.  

Not only this, inflation has reached the highest level in history and rupee has reached the lowest level. There has been shortage of sugar and wheat in the country. There is load shedding. Petrol is being sold at three times the price from 2018, the price of sugar has also tripled. The same goes for medicines, edible oils and other commodities while the stock market is suffering.

All records of internal and external debt were broken, the debt increased to 16,000 billion in three years, despite no mega development projects, no increase in the budget for education and health.

Another claim that is being made consistently is the Billion Tree Tsunami i.e. one billion trees planted 5 years ago in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which will now be quite large. Then Khan Sahib has been running a campaign to plant 10 billion trees in Pakistan including Punjab for 3 years but in the meanwhile Lahore became the most polluted city in the world.

Peshawar is among the top ten cities in the list of dirtiest cities, now one has to explain that either the claims are false or the reports of SBP, FBR, IMF, World Bank, and other national and international institutions are wrong.

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