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The real story of Toshakhana

Muhammad Tariq Khan

The Writer is journalist and Lecturer at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law.

When Imran Khan was in the opposition, he used to say that it was wrong to take gifts from the Toshakhana at a discounted price, but he also used to give lectures on the inquiry against Israeli PM for taking gifts and when he came into government, he filed cases against Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif through the NAB for buying expensive gifts from the Toshakhana at a lower price. Both of them continued to suffer for a long time and also got bail.

Now when it comes to himself, excuses are being made. On the one hand, it is said that Imran Khan does not need to sell any gift. His autographs are bought by his fans in crores, then on the other hand it is being said Khan received gifts and what is the crime that these gifts were bought as per law after depositing in the treasury. Although it is quite clear that the gifts were not given to Imran but to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. According to the law, the Prime Minister is obliged to deposit such gifts in the Toshakhana and these gifts are not given for free. The government of Pakistan also gives presents to foreign guests. Therefore, the moral imperative of such gifts is that you buy whichever you want to keep in it with yourself, not disregard these gifts and start the business of making money by selling them.

In this regard, it is further alleged that Imran Khan’s crime is the same as the one against which he himself was referring to the action against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Secondly, according to Imran Khan’s own statement, he even cannot manage daily expenses with the lacs of rupees he received as the Prime Minister and allegedly his house was being run by ATMs like Tareen and Aleem Khan. If ATMs have been running or have been run with Shaukat Khanum’s Zakat money, then where did Imran Khan get crores of rupees to buy such valuable gifts? Was it an investment from a third party that would sell the gift and pay the interest and earn it yourself? Thirdly, if you bought these gifts from legitimate sources of income, why didn’t you show them in the tax returns? Didn’t you commit the crime of tax evasion and concealment of income in this way? And fourthly, why didn’t you open the Toshakhana record while you were in government as Prime Minister? If this is not a crime then what is the point of covering up?

According to the information received so far, Imran Khan as the Prime Minister received more than 100 gifts on 58 different occasions, some of which were not even deposited in the public treasury, this is a crime in itself, and then purchased for as little as 20%, even if it is not a legal crime, but it does not befit the teachers of patriotism and the state of Madinah to plunder the public treasury with such cruelty.

And last but not least, what was the need to sell gifts received by other countries and this is what shows your malice (making money by buying gifts at a low price and selling them at a high price). There is no estimation of the value of the gifts. A few pennies is more important to you than these feelings and relationships, that’s why you sold gifts

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